New Event: Flamewar – Thanks for Your Continued Supplies

  • It’s time for a new event! The top prize is Flamewar.

    This event uses two TFs and no energonicon.

    Special feature(s): Thanksgiving theme, lots of gold blocks

    The event banner for Flamewar

    The bonus squad is Noughties (14), consisting of Slipstream (13, SR Killer) and Flamewar (70).

    These two TFs from Noughties and Strongarm (72) and Novastar (90) from the Femme Fatale squad are in the exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

    PS. The numbers (in parenthesis) after TF and squad names are their respective rankings in Spark Run.

    Previous event in which Noughties was the bonus squad.

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  • Tahtorak

    Not gonna lie: I was expecting this to be an Autobird-exclusive event. Thank Primus it isn’t!


    Day 1- Gold Blocks
    Day 2- Flying Turkey Piggies
    Day 3- Wood Blocks
    Day 4- Stone Blocks
    Day 5- Missiles
    Day 6- Gunner Piggies


    Really on the fence. I’m at 8,400 tokens, about to add 250 more plus 300 for top 6 finish.

    That puts me at 8,950 tokens. Slipstream costs 10k.

    Go for it? Or grab 10 Gold Crates, then wait and hope Slipstream is in Token Exchange for next event?

    My next Recharge is 60 Gems, so unlocking Slipstream could easily cost me an additional 240 Gems. Probably worth it… unless I know Slipstream will be available next event too.

    FYI I’m at 119k event points today. Need to hit 200k for Slipstream. My Promo bonus is 355%.

    Any recommendations?



    Mmm… Did you already unlock Nautica Bird and/or Novastar Bird? Even if they under-perform in Spark Runs, it’s always helpful to have another bot you can send on Space Bridge missions.


    @tahtorak Thanks! Already have Nautica. She became my first overpower to level 16 during last event.

    Think I’ll skip Novastar for now. I’d rather take my chances on a new (and better) bot from Gold Crates. (Just based on low SR ranking.)


    @noahlot Slipstream is a one of the best TF’s, maybe better then Nautica, Blaster and Dirge all together. Should be obtained asap.


    Slipstream won’t be in the next token exchange. But spending 500 gems to get her is a little to much in my opinion.


    Flamewar Bird acquired!

    Though I DID have to spend gems on recharging a few times. Just reminds me that I need to fully promote my Deceptihogs.

    I’ll get Slipstream Bird another time.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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