New Event – Energon Windblade

  • A new event has started! The top prize is Energon Windblade.

    This event uses one TF and an energonicon.

    Special feature(s): tough blocks, only Energon TFs can be used

    The event banner for Energon Windblade (actually part of)

    The bonus squad is Energized (10), consisting of Energon Nautica (17 / SR Killer), Energon Megatron (50), Energon Windblade (71) and Energon Shockwave (76).

    All these TFs are in the exchange with accessories.

    Have fun and good luck!

    PS. The number (in parentheses) after the squad and TF names are their (respective) Spark Run ranking.

    Previous event in which Energized was the bonus squad.

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  • Tahtorak

    Day 1- Gunner Piggies
    Day 2- Flying Piggies
    Day 3- Wood blocks
    Day 4- Stone blocks
    Day 5- Cyberformed scenery
    Day 6- Sharktihogs


    I swear to the Eggspark that if one of this weeks challenges becomes Balloon Piggies, I will not be happy.


    Not my best event. Crummy challenges AND frequent encounters with the Boss Pig, whom Energon Megatron Pig doesn’t really do well against. If only I had put more effort into promoting Energon Shockwave Pig…

    Well, at least I overpowered Energon Megatron Pig to level 16. Though I could have gotten him to 17 if we had better challenges.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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