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    I am really, really p*ssed off about that unfair and buggy competition!
    I played every day all missions, because at the first try to get Epic Optimus I had a crash, couldn’t play any more and had to re-install ABT. After that it was not possible to get the old state, I had to start at the beginning! My rank was 295, I had Shockwave, Windblade and Rodimus! And lots of accessories, too.
    My complete progress was lost (the fourth time! The game crashes sometimes for no reason and after restarting everything is gone!), and so I tried again from the start.
    At this time I am at Lvl 150 and was really glad to see that I have an new chance to win a character I hadn’t won before.
    But there were bugs without an end! Starting with points you earn, but don’t raise the counter!!
    There were levels, were not only one of the targets appeared! I had some levels, were I earned 14.000 Goldcoins for massively destroying everything, and earned only 30 points for the mission! In the ranking there were players with 12.000 points or more, and the same time I had only a thousand points, because in the ten levels I played were no f*cking targets to shoot!
    Two times I was first place with an advance more than a thousand points, and 20 seconds later (when the mission ended) I was suddenly the fifth or sixth rank! The other players earned more than 2.000 points at a maximum of 1 mission to play? (Think about it – only 30 seconds until finish!)
    That is not possible! Rovio cheats massively to prevent me earning more than 300 Points!!
    I played until getting crazy, and on Saturday, 28th I reached 4.980 points!
    On that evening my family called me, there was an familiar emergency. So I played the last “battery”, earned my 120 Points (yeah, done!), then ended the game and run away.
    After coming home (it was 20 minutes before midnight) I wanted to do a few points again for earning another price, and what did I see? There were suddenly 4.980 points again!
    I was scared about that and thought “ok, I closed the game to fast, it didn’t count my last run, so let’s play again”.
    But every time I tried to play I got the message “please check your internet connection”. That was really funny, because internet was on and working very well! I was able to watch videos for doubeling a normal run, I was able to start google, everything was fine – only &%$§ ABT-mission didn’t work!
    On Friday, the 27th, I got a newsmail, in which they told me that ABT daily mission ends on Sunday, the 29th!
    So I thought, “ok, when they have a technical problem and the mission is unreachable, I’m playing for the price next day”.
    On Sunday morning I started again, and saw: daily missions is finished, please change your price!
    They told me, that the missions end on Sunday – oh, wait, they meant Sunday at 00:00 clock??? O_o
    And – What an amazing coincidence! – just when they finished the missions (24 hours to early??) I got no points saved and the game was unreachable, despite a working internet connection??

    I am so f*cking angry, Rovio is a bunch of unscrupulous crooks! They did everything unfair to prevent me from getting the price! I hate them for that, and now I am finally out of there shitty games! I’m deleting every single game and being annoyed and frustrated for spending so much time, nerves and money to these bloodsuckers! Bye Rovio, I hope you go down the tubes when all the people realise what you’ve done to a formerly nice franchise.


    Tyring to earn more stars/tokens before challenge is over. I can play and continue to earn points but no more stars. Any thoughts?


    This comp ended a few days ago.


    Got Epic Optimus.Please note:HE IS AWESOME!!!!

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