Nemesis Prime is a R.I.P (get it? Halloween?)

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  • Today a new update ( for AB Transformers was released, featuring Halloween stuff as well as various bug fixes and improvements. The main “attraction” of this show was Nemesis Prime, a limited-time Transformer exclusive to Halloween. I don’t know if you like him, but I don’t (but im tempted to get him because I want to get everything limited time :/ )- and heres why:
    – costs too much ($12.99)
    – too WEAK (he just makes pigs jump- that’s it)
    – mainly just a copy of Optimus (not original)
    – ads for him are everywhere
    Do you think he is a RIP? or do you think he’s su-PIR (that’s RIP backwards)

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  • monsterpighunter

    su-PIR? most horrible pun ever

    anyway I agree it’s incredibily expensive for just THAT and it should be unlockable in the game is some way too


    I feel like he is not really available only through purchase. As for now, I guess you can now buy him only with the Halloween pack, and after the whole Halloween parade ends, I guess he’s going to become another character unlockable through mission portals. Or maybe a main prize for beating the whole pumpkin competition? No one knows.


    @corporalpig Rovio should at LEAST lower him to like 2 or 3$ the minimum OR make him Gems- this is ridiculous

    (maybe Rovio thinks money REALLY does grow on trees- if that’s the case, why are they wanting us to use more money if it kills more trees? what happened at that “Champions for the Earth” AB Friends tournament where Rovio was saying NO to deforestation?)

    I found that out the hard way :/
    I wasted 40 (big 4-0) Gems looking through those Mission things because I just got used to Bluestreak + Arcee being Mission-given, THEN I saw the tiny box in the upper right showing him (facepalms)
    Even after this Halloween stuff ends, they wont “scrap” (ha! robots-erase?) him- even if he isn’t PHYSICALLY in the game (like as a character you can see), he will still remain in the code + Rovio can ‘drag’ him out when ever they want to reuse him. Here- think of him as a zombie- even if Rovio “kills” him if the Halloween event is over, he can always come back from the dead and relive (that’s the easy way- for the kids ;) )


    @rowdypup so he’s available through missions now?


    @rowdypup Remember that N.Prime is part of the new squad, so it will be hard to just ‘kill’ him. But I hope that’s possible to him after event without money (Probably Rovio-styled by gems).


    @corporalpig I thought he was, because of Arcee and Bluestreak being the past 2 (4 actually) Transformers to be given out in that style- its just different this time….now you buy him in the little bar in the top-right with his face on it- that makes it easy (ONE thing on him that’s good- no hastling to find him :/ )

    Ravinda Bulathgama

    I agree with Rowdypop
    Nemesis prime truly is a R.I.P off
    And a waste of money(unless there’s a way to unlock him without real money)

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum Nemesis Prime is a R.I.P (get it? Halloween?)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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