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  • I’m somewhat fresh to this game still, and some of the mechanics are confusing me:

    I recently finished my first season in “Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp”, ending up with just above 2000 coins after my frame was reset. During that season I consistently made the top 10 in my local group of competitors, sometimes number 1, and ended up among the top 5 total (cant remember exactly).

    Now however, I can’t for the life of me get above 50th place local, usually way below that too! I get that theres some adjustments based on your rank or something, but right now its impossible for me to make a single coin beyond the few I get for each room.

    Is there anything I can do to affect this? What decides how hard my competition is? Right now its really frustrating, at this rate it will take months to get enough for the next hat on sale..

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  • VisumDnB

    I was going to post something similar, last season I consistently finished top 10 daily and ended up winning the local season (which there was no prize for), now each day people with much less flock power than me seem to rack up double my score and I’m finding it hard to place even top 100 some days


    I did great in the local group last season.  This season, however, i have been grouped with people that have much higher FP than i do.  Just when you think you are on top Rovio smushes you.  I can score well over 100 million in the arena and clan battles all day long.  I play mebc and average about 75 million.  It is very frustrating.  I’ve gotten to the point where i won’t play a second time.  It is a waste of my gems.


    Pretty similar experiences to me – it seems AB2 is the only game out there that the more you play the worse you get.

    Dearg mor

    Todays MEBC was a slaughter. Could only muster 38 mil, when i usually score 60-70 mil. The scientist pig always turned everything into stone, and had a lone pig in every f*cking room. Couple that with the fact that I cant get the extra cards, and I am considering giving up on MEBC


    i definitely think it has got harder in the new update and now requires you to finish both the daily challenge and king pig challenge to score a half decent score

    as a test today i used my free go with no extra birds and got 44 million and 46 in the local board then once i finished the 2 challenges did it again and got 75 million which was 7th on local board

    Dearg mor

    Unfortunately, i have to wait 83 days to play DC again 😢

    Chuck Angry

    I am not near the top of my local board anymore. I think I made the mistake of entering the MECB challenge after getting 3 event hats.   I am way out of my league vs someone with higher per bird average fp.


    this new extra cards reward from DC and KPP are really good new feature


    MEBC suddenly getting hard! I thought only me having problem about the leaderboard. Usualy i can get top 50 , but tgis time its getting hard af. Even if i can get an extra card from DC


    Don’t like bragging, but I find the converse to be true.. Last season, I sometimes came 3rd on the daily charts (but ended up as first in the season chart). I found it very difficult to keep coming top of the daily chart. Sometimes this other player got 10 million or more than me.

    Now, the opposite is true. For example, this evening the top score in my local leaderboard was 79 million. I had a go and  got 109 million. This sort of thing happens every day. Even when I don’t get the extra 2 birds I usually come top (but with a much smaller margin). I am usually getting the 2 extra birds so that I get more eagle boot camp points, and get to emerald I frame quickly. I am then planning on not playing MEBC again this season, as I will at that stage have approximately 7000 coins and will have enough to buy a Roman hat and the next discounted ninja hat.

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