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  • Make any of your own classes! You can make classes that heal,stun, or have a chance to deal critical damage! You can also use characters that aren’t in the game! And you can use a pig as well! So you can use your creation to make your own headgear or SET ITEM! Yep, I said it, set item! It has to be acceptable

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  • CreeperKraken15

    how do i do that?


    I had thought about this boss level before:
    The Tricksty Trio(lvl 45)

    Weakspot: Deals 900 damage, lowers 20% of target’s protection
    Way of the Pig: All allies have 50% chance to deal critical damage.
    Passive: Ironclad
    Whirlwind: Deals 3×450 damage.
    The Guide of Wind: All allies have 50% chance to deal chain attacks.
    Passive: Dodge
    Cards’ Underattack: Deals 2×300 damage to all enemies
    Tricksty Order: (Charge) 2 turns. Orders all allies attack the same target.
    Passive: Magic Shroud


    Necromancer (Chuck)

    Undead Rage
    Deals N damage to every pig on the field. The damage is increased by 10% per each undead on the field (undead pigs that are currently reviving do not count for damage boost)

    Ghost Buster
    Supported ally can KO ghosts and zombies without letting them revive.


    I thought about this:

    Solidier (Red)

    Weakening shot
    Deals 90% damage. Lowers target’s defense by 35% for 2 turns.

    All allies take 35% less damage for 2 turns

    If the XP of the boss level you thought about is so low for level 45, then it’d be really easy to beat.


    @eggstealer Well, this class is almost the same with Guardian.


    Copycats (Blues)

    Skill Thievery
    Deals N damage to the target pig. 25% chance to either cast a harmful effect on the pig that uses it or use the pig’s support skill on random bird.

    Target bird is immune to harmful effects for 1 turn.


    @eggstealer @kenhsieh It would be a nice class upgrade for Guardian though. Like Ronin and Archmage etc.


    @partshade Yeah, and Guardian will no longer be a useless class ever…


    (Blue Trio) Revenge Force
    Regular attack: Sweep. Inflict same amount attack upon all enemies plus 20% stun on ONE target.
    Special: Boost. 10% Max HP on all allies for 3 rounds, and remove negative effect on ONE ally


    @gulgor0, prince porky’s rage ability is planned to remove ghosts. Normally, birds can’t. If there was such a thing, then prince porky would be useless.


    @eggstealer, But the opportunity to use him is very low. You can use him once per day, or never if you have Facebook friends.


    I think this class for Bomb is well-paired for his new set:

    Eat This!
    Deals 2×45% damage, both of these attacks have 15% chance to heal all allies by 100% dealt damage.
    All allies have 50% chance to deal critical damages. Lasts 2 turns.


    Chuck class: Magician
    Attack: Deals 2xN damage to all enemies. Heals all birds by 10% of damage dealt.
    Defense: Splits target bird into two each with half attack/health of existing bird. Lasts 3 turns. When split ends, health is sum of both birds, and all effects are applied.

    This one has a lot of innovative possibilities. Allows most birds to become effective against ninjas; can buff and attack on the same turn; get maximum 50% health loss from brute attack; for weak opponents, allows extra attack; use skulkers buff twice; etc. You get the idea.

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