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  • Sorry to add this to the topic list.. it seems so lame!  (Pls let me know if this isn’t the right place to post and where these types of posts should go… I will happily move this!!)

    I’m looking for a FB friend to exchange the daily challenge gifts with.  I play AB2 every day and it seems a waste that I can’t pass on the gifts.

    I’m a bit disillusioned, as my first attempt was completely one-sided with the person that friended me.  He/she rec’d dozens of gifts and I didn’t receive any.  8^(

    If u r seriously looking for a gift partner, give me a call!

    Cheers,  RandalThor ABtwo (my handle on Facebook)

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  • Inigo Montoya

    I had the same issue before my current Clan as did one of its members, as neither of us do FB much these days; but we bit the bullet to save the gifts and it’s been great for us and our Clan. So while I’ve added a few other AB2 friends and try to pass them gifts occasionally (though it’s tough since apples started replacing gifts in a lot of circumstances) I’d suggest you find someone in your new Clan (which I think I saw you start recently) and benefit both of you and the Clan at large by your largess. Good luck – when I’ve seen similar posts on AB2Gamers in FB they’ve been swamped by requests (which obviously can’t all be met without splitting your gifts up into tiny shares.)

    Eric Toenjes

    I’m looking for people to share gifts in Angry Birds Friends.  Reply if you want to start.  Not looking to join any Facebook groups.




    i’m also looking for FB friends to exchange gifts. Did you find any?

    AB FB acct is Man Score. It’s the one w/ the AB2 image as a profile pic.


    Me too!  none of my FB friends play AB and i agree it’s a waste to not share those daily gifts.  If anyone isn’t paired up yet, PLMK and we can exchange FB profile info!

    what a great idea to post this!!!


    @Chicken little, If you’re still looking for FB friends I’ll be one,none of my friends play either .Let me know





    Lori thanks!


    Ok how do you accept a FB invitation in the game? we figured out how to send the invite, but not where to accept them!!

    Eric Toenjes

    I’m looking for friends to exchange daily gifts too.

    Angry Turd

    Tun Cay of Viking Birds would appreciate a gift exchange partner :)

    Viking Birds #76330 = 1000 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds II #190105 = 850 FP (or higher)
    Viking Birds³ #212732 = 700 FP (or higher)

    ____   ___.__ __   .__                __________.__           .___      
    \   \ /   |__|  | _|__| ____   ____   \______   |_________  __| _/______
     \   Y   /|  |  |/ |  |/    \ / ___\   |    |  _|  \_  __ \/ __ |/  ___/
      \     / |  |    <| | | / /_/ >  |    |   |  ||  | \/ /_/ |\___ \ 
       \___/  |__|__|_ |__|___|  \___  /   |______  |__||__|  \____ /____  >
                      \/       \/_____/           \/               \/    \/ 

    Official Clan Rules: rules.vikingbirds.com
    Discord Group Chat: join.vikingbirds.com


    @puffs, still looking?

    I’ll add, my previous FB friend got bored with the game and moved on.

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