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  • No matter what i do one shot all birds i use

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  • KillerKea

    You need to use a bird that can reduce damage taken like the Knight, Samurai or Paladin. You can also use the Canoneer to reduce the damage Lawernce does or equip with items that reduce damage.

    Lawrence is actually one of the easier bosses to kill once you figure out the correct strategy. You can kill him using only two birds and no potions, but you have to use three birds if you want to 3 star that level.


    Wot, really ? I used samurai, friends bard and trickers didnt work.

    But ow with 2 birds ?


    @jukez17 killerkea is right, even though i haven’t gotten to lawrence (due to the fact that i need help with caves 2’s boss) i can tell it works, i just know it works.

    can you give me some tips for cave 2’s boss? i have most of my birds’ classes. will list them here:
    vet knight
    vet samurai
    vet paladin

    Elite druid
    vet princess
    vet bard
    vet priest

    lightning bird
    vet rainbird
    vet wizard


    vet beserk
    vet capt’n

    jim, jake and jay:
    vet tricksters
    vet rogues
    vet spies

    my set items are:
    titan’s wrath
    honey spoon
    yang (it said yin but that’s the wrong way around, the white one is yin and the black one is yang)
    living lightning
    RC robot
    golden gun.

    using these can you help me with cave 2’s boss?

    Mighty Red

    @jukez17 A simple and solid trio against Lawrence is Knight, Princess and Cannoneer. Knight’s defense is 55% less damage (a higher defense if you equip an off-hand item with Vigor), Princess is meant to both heal and cleanse (in this case, to cleanse stuns and the 90% attack drop) the attacked bird and to make the enemy attack the bird with the highest health which in most cases is Red, Cannoneer is for reducing the enemy’s attack.


    @killerkea – Thanks. Came here looking for advice for this level. You’re right, I was able to do it with just Knight and Princess. Attack with red and heal with matilde each round, shield red when lawrence attacks… throw in occasional holy strike. Rince repeat. It’s like they set up this level for that combo. If you need help I agree Cannoneer would help clear it faster as it was a 10+ minute slog with just the 2 birds.

    – you should be able to do it with paladin and druid. Just need to make sure your paladin can take out the weaker (non-bandana) summoned pigs with one hit. You probably should have started another post rather than threadjacking this one, but luckily there is already one with more info —

    Cave 2: Raining Plateaus


    @colkurtz thing is, if i made my own thread it will be deleted and get messaged with
    no need to post questions about specific levels, we have walkthroughs available for that!

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Lawrence one shots all birds ?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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