King Pig Challenge

  • We have a Daily Challenge thread. Let’s start one for the KPC. Anyone finish this thing without spending gems? Ever? As of yet, I have not finished it (and have not spent any gems). I’ve gotten to the boss level, but without knowing who it is, I often am there with the wrong/too few birds.

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  • Raizir

    No, I haven’t beaten it, even with the extra cards i get from spending my gems.


    In the last two KPCs, I got lucky and didn’t use any gems. The one I fought yesterday was Foreman in The Pig Apple. Terence saved the day for me.

    Epic Buttstomp

    I only use gems if I can get into the final final screen AND the layout is something I know how to deal with. 60 gems is fine, no more.


    Rovio’s new little tactic is to clean out your birds on room 3 and 4, so you have to pay to continue to play since the 10 minute time limit will be over by then. Then when you get into the Boss level, you will most likely have to pay again since chances of getting through it without paying are 1/50. News for you Rovio, when my gems are gone I stop playing this game and delete it.

    It cost me 800 gems today to finish because the King Pig got stuck in a crevice behind some rocks away from the geysers where no birds could hit him. My 10 minutes were of course up by then so quitting meant dropping the entire thing for today.

    Nice to know they just repackaged their non-functional screens into a ‘challenge’ without bothering to see if their bugs were ironed out.

    Epic Buttstomp

    @angryplayer Spent 800 gems for the King Pig Challenge. The rewards ain’t worth more than 60 gems and keep the spells unless you really have too many (eg. hunderds)

    The 10 mins limit applies to when you can try again. Once you are in the game you can play slowly as long as the device don’t crash or run out of battery.


    I have finished it once without spells or gems. Other than that, I have had to use a combination of spells and/or gems to finish. Today, I used ducks, snowflake and chili on level 4 even though I ended up not needing them. In room 3 of the 5th level, pretty much every structure I destroyed had one pig left standing and I had to use several extra birds to pop them. Would have had to use a lot of gems to finish room 3 and then the final 2 rooms, so I just threw in the towel. Not worth it for 50 pearls.


    Got to the final room on KPC today with Terrence, Silver, and Matilda only to shove the KP to the farthest ledge. Silver and Matilda couldnt use any specials getting to the KP. 60 gems got me Bomb, Blues, and another Silver, all of which barely grazed the KP at which point it was better to just give up. KPC alone is already eating up more jewels than I can accumulate daily.


    I’ve beaten it 4 times so far, found the 1st two really easy, no gems or spells used, the other 2 I had to use 60 gems to finish off the king pig. All the other days I haven’t really been close. As Bushy says, I’ll only use gems if I get to the last room and fancy my chances, otherwise I don’t bother. I never use spells for any of the DC’s.


    I don’t even bother. Waste of time.

    Power Pork

    Well, when i saw it’s a five level to play in 10 minutes , i was like “nevermind, just keep playing the campaign”
    Haven’t even tried it….


    I give it only one go without spending anything. Best I’ve done is to get into the Boss room with one bird.

    I find it a bit boring actually – having just completed the DC, it’s more of the same.


    KPC is actually one of the better updates in recent times from Rovio. This seems to have made the regular Daily challenge slightly easier and the better rewards from the KPC are worth at least 60 gems. I have had to spend a second set of gems (60 + 120) twice but now if I am forced to spend before the final room, I have learned to give up and just wait for the next day. 4 days a week at least, the KPCs are easy (like today) and the extra pearls make the arena wins less of a requirement.

    Soren Hecht

    to hell with DC and KP


    Personally I would like if KPC only included the last 3 “harder” levels, the first two are easy and just a waste of time.


    Today was my first time ever winning the KPC (no gems spent). The boss was the Foreman, who’s sitting underneath a ramp, protected by a laser pig, and you have to somehow either get a bird to fly over the laser pig into a little opening between the top and bottom ramps, allowing the fan/wind to launch the bird into the pig, or get one of the boulders/buildings above the ramps to fall and do it for you.

    Just glad to know that, at least in some cases, it’s possible to win the KPC without “assistance.”

    Epic Buttstomp

    Today was super easy. Went into the final level with 5 birds!!!


    Got to the King Pig with 3 birds. Used Chuck to collapse the debris above the laser pig. The used Red to pop the balloon below the boulder. Red and the boulder pushed the King Pig into the fans which launched him into a little nook at the top right. Had to use Bomb to blow up the stone stack that protected him and then had to use 60 gems to get another Bomb that popped the King Pig.


    I hate the boss level from today. He drops to the water with a life preserver and the only way to reach him is by flinging the birds through the water rendering most of their secondary powers useless because they are coming at him from below.

    Angry Beaver

    I don’t play KPC because i’m too lazy for playing another 5 levels right after DC. If KPC was available little bit more than 10 minutes ( for example 2 hours)…


    Early on, I spent gems a couple times to finish it, but now I don’t bother much with KPC. Takes too long, and I don’t like spending gems for it anymore. What I do now is this, I’ll give it one try and see how far I get, but I will no longer spend gems.

    I don’t like the fact that I can’t play the King Pig Panic challenge (regardless of whether I win or lose) unless I have completed (won) the Daily Challenge, especially if it is also part of the daily tasks to complete. I had a difficult Daily Challenge today otherwise I would not have noticed this issue.

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