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  • Did the first gate open 15 mins into the event for everyone else and on purpose or was that a bug? I ask because I remember one disastrous event that had problems with the gates opening too soon and Rovio wreaking havoc when they closed them behind people. I also noticed the next gate’s timer had been 24 hours til opening but is now at 48.

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  • burbman

    My first gate said it would open in 15 min, but when the timer went to zero it just stayed there and did not open. subsequent Epic restart has reset the timer.



    My first gate opened like yours and I played flag 4 and flag 5 is flashing at the second gate says it will open in 46.29 hrs.

    The score board is totally blank at the last gate, is yours blank too?

    I have had 1 Epic restart message.


    @burbman: Eek! Mine got to zero and wasn’t open either, so I went back to the main board then back into the event and got through. I hope I don’t pay for this later! I’m still through and have been able to play all the way up until the next gate. My timer says 46:16 til the next gate opens. Out of curiosity, what do you have for the first gate timer? Wondering if those of us who managed to get through gate 1 will get extra time in the golden pig castle now.

    : That’s where mine is at too. I’ve not had an Epic restart message yet, but every time I switch to another app today, Epic has closed, so maybe those restarts have been sufficient. My scoreboard was blank all morning too…just said “unavailable.” Around the time the timers got reset, it started working. Now I have a full board. I hope we don’t suffer for getting through the gates early!


    @jennt – My gate shows approx. 12 hrs now. In truth, there is no real advantage to getting through the first gate early. It adds a little time to collect the second item, but with only needing ten each, time is not much of an issue in the first two rounds anyway. The benefit would be if all gates opened early and you could access the Golden pig level early.


    @burbman, that’s exactly what I was wondering; whether the gates would all open early or if it would correct itself but not allowing the 2nd to open until the correct time. Amazing that Rovio actually managed to correct a bug without screwing anyone or giving anyone an unfair advantage. That’s gotta be a first, LOL!


    All the ads lock up my device, 3 restarts sofar trying to do event battles, ugh.


    The first gate opened immediately (well, at least *almost* immediately; I had an Epic restart message quite early, but can’t testify whether it was open before that), but there are no flags beyond it at all.

    (For some reason, I can’t insert a picture into the post using any of “Embed” links from the album, for quite a long time)


    Already few hour leaderboard not working
    Just show fecthing leaderboard score


    My main bug is ‘no ads scheduled’ after clicking on a ‘watch an ad for such and such offer’


    @winkwink you do need to wait a full 24h before trying. This, unfortunately, means timing it, but you won’t then waste the free Stamina. Has been a bug for a while.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Is this event going to be buggy?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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