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  • As much as Rovio is greedy, There may or may not have been improvements since the Christmas Update.


    1. Tower of fortune is fair.

    Yes, this is actually a thing. Today I got to floor 15 on the ToF with only hitting 2 pigs.

    2. The Arena is fair.

    Even this is fair. Today I got an average of 9 stars for every arena game, and managed to get into the top 3. But there is still a downside to this update.


    1. The new Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp is greedy.

    Of course, with the craziest improvement, there has to be a bad one. When you get a first try on the Bootcamp, it is free. But all of the next ones cost 300 gems. This means Rovio is still greedy, but at the same time not greedy.

    But, with 2-1, it seems like Rovio is getting less greedy.

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  • Vogel Birdson

    There was another recent update which appeared to have changed the Arena since the (larger) update previous: before this smaller latest update, I had opponents on a similar level and which didn’t bring any spells into the game with them, so I had a better run during that period. This week however (since the smaller update) the oppoents have changed for me and bring their spells with them. So this as much hasn’t been an improvement for me.

    I don’t believe ToF has changed. I think you just got lucky :-) Today I had feathers, then a Pig, so I quit. Same old really.

    The bootcamp, for me, is a single one-off attempt daily. If a player isn’t competing in the top stops (top 100, top 1000 perhaps) then they probably don’ t have the gems that are indicative of their FP and progress. I for one wouldn’t even consider spending 300gems for another go – there is no point. Of course, everyone has a different opinion on that and good luck to everyone who competes – for me it’s a nice addition to the game but not something I worry about being competetive in.


    I love getting a video on my first pig in tof, more incentive to try a little further, really helpful.


    Arena is fair? That douchebags with much lower flock power who defeat you nevertheless?

    The tower is fair? Wait until tomorrow, they usually don’t let you win two days in a row.

    Mechanic Pig

    @stevey @angrynerds2

    1: What cards have you picked for floors 2 and 3?

    2: Maybe I was just too awesome :P


    There was an update a couple weeks ago, the notes stating that there were two new areas consisting of 80 levels.  Porka Pica and the United States of Hamerica.  The levels are not there.  Then, there was another update today, promising these levels again.  Install update, and levels still not there.


    They release another 10-20 levels every 2 weeks, the same way they have been doing it for over a year now, those 80 levels will come over the next 8 weeks (or thereabouts).


    I am willing to give Rovio some credit for making the arena more playable again – and yes, on all my devices this is the case. But I don’t see any other real improvements. The new eagle boot camp is not a real improvement to me – it’s a new game mechanic that proves to have the same faults as the existing ones. Yesterday for the first time, I paid 300 gems for the MEBC because I made a sutpid mistake with my first bird and I was therefore not happy with my highscore. The next game went great and I put up a new highscore – you wish – got a Mathilda message.
    Why is thas still happening? Why is it only happening after putting up a higher score? I never saw a Mathilda “session expired” message, when my score was lower than before (talking about the CvC battle).

    So, I don’t think there was any real improvement to this game since the last update. None.

    RIP Piggies

    Jo-ha – are you saying the Arena is working for you? I’ve got major issues after almost a week of decent play. Most of the time I can’t get in at all, kicking me out to the home page. And I now regularly have opponents with higher FP and spells from streak 2 onwards.


    @rippiggies yes and no.
    Connection-wise the arena has been issue free since I started AB2 and this has not changed in the last days or weeks.
    But opponent-wise the arena is back to its ugly pre-winter-update-self. For about a week after the update I have not seen opponents with spells – higher fp yes, but not spells. Since the recent short update the spells came back. Yesterday I had a match against an opponent with +30fp and 5 spells. He was very bad and I was able to defeat him/her anyway, but I know this can go out quite differently. (I remember writing my last post in here and immediately get matched with a 4-spell clown – how ironic.)


    That low flock power clowns are gone, but I get stronger opponents in a row now who are not beatable without spells or gems.


    Well, those arena improvements didn’t last long, last week for a couple of days I could complete a streak without using a single spell or gems, but now everything is like it was before the update, the oponents with hight FP are back and I even get oponents that use spells in the first three matches.

    As to the bootcamp I’m not going to spend 300 gems just for a second try, it’s just too much, the only good thing about it is that you can spot the cheaters easly. Players with the maximum FP but star level lower than 30?… Yeah, seems legit.

    Vogel Birdson

    Kinda makes you wonder that the addition of the Boot Camp was in part intended by Rovio to see just who might be abusing the system or game mechanics to get an unfair advantage…


    Oh, I get it now,

    Its not the Mighty Eagle Boot Camp

    Its the Mighty Eagle Boot Camp

    As in who to boot from the game!

    If this is true, I gotta give ROVIO some credit, that clever little trick took me a while to figure out.


    About arena… My girlfriend (FP around 240-250) recently got an opponent with FP around 150 (!) lower. She still need to use bird from video in order to win. So this whole arena thing still sucks or I just don’t understand how it’s working.


    Where is the new hat that has been promised in the last 3 updates?


    Played today ToF with idea to get to the 20 floor. I even didn’t resist to pay gems for single pigs, so up to 10th floor I got 2 pigs. Not bad. But after that I got every single pig at every fuck*ng single floor besides 18th. How’s that possible? Bad luck? And You Rovio retards are wondering why people are cheating while You are trying to suck every gem? The Arena mode is recently again FUBAR. It doesn’t matter If I am ahead over 30 points or below over 30 points even at 1st streak. Reaching 3rd streak is nearly impossible and out of 10 games I am able to win maybe 3 or 4. New improvements, huh?


    What you experienced is a “pig storm”. I’ve seen it many times (ie the few times I made it to 25-30 😂). Not unusual to hit 3 pigs in a row.

    Now, this is survivable if you collect enough rubies on the way or have rubies to burn. But I’ve made it to 20 or so with under 100 rubies won, so the math is very stacked against you.

    Pity because with normal odds the ToF would be worth playing. But with me running 60% odds of pig at 2 and another player reporting 40% pig after hat floor…



    Any word on what the Superbowl update will include and when it will be active?

    Updated game today but only start screen changed. Shows helmet hats there but no other info.


    from the Rovio site

    Within Angry Birds 2, mobile gamers and football fans can outfit their flocks with a choice of any of the 32 official NFL jerseys and helmets to compete in brand new Super Bowl-themed game levels as well as in-game competitions.

    The Super Bowl LII in-game events begin across both Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Evolution on Wednesday 24 and run until Super Bowl Sunday on February 4.


    After the superbowl update..

    – tower still sucks as usual. The app lets us win when it wants us to. After one win I got three pigs in a row within the first six floors.

    – arena even more unfair. Always stronger opponents with more flock power or extra spell cards.

    – still that slow animations

    – still no way to avoid the facebook presents


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