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  • Since 5am this morning I have been trying to win in the arena, I have been absolutely anhilated every single game by all levels of players. I’ve just lost by 5 million points against a player who was 15 levels below me. This game just tries and tries to make you spend money. All it does for me is piss me off.

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  • PolarBearCabal

    #1 in my league I’m pretty sure is either a cheater or a bot. 124 stars less than an hour after the league starts. Doesn’t matter when I play, the stars for #1 increase within half an hour of my game.

    I pretty much only play the arena because I find it most fun. But I’m also quite new to the game, so maybe this is normal.


    I wouldn’t say “normal” but fairly usual. From week to week, there are Players with over 100, even 200 oder 300 stars before I collect my rewards… since I live in Germany and the league Ends in the middle of the night I don’t really question that. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to make over 100 stars an hour, though you have to be ruthless and probably using spells.


    I’m not sure a human player could easily put up 100 stars per hour. Even with spells (which I use) I get 9 or 10 maybe 75% of the time, and that means 12-13 games to get 100 stars. Doable, but not day after day, week after week. I’ve done 200-300 star days but that’s not something enjoyable.

    Also you may get opponents that are good (not your usual 8-10M weaklings) and even 5 stars is an effort sometimes.


    It’s back to normal now, winning realistically and losing when deserved. But I’m now over 200 stars behind the leaders which look like bots, so its pointless playing.


    Add level 1026 to the list of impossibilities….


    For me, it’s the same pattern as last week. I’m in second place with first place staying ahead of me by 150-200 stars each day.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Winning every arena game is easy to do if u use all spells in every game. There is a trick to it without blowing your credit card out.


    I’m busy laughing at the ridiculous 1020. These levels are just set up to be impossible to complete without A – massive luck (which is basically Rovio cheating in the players favour for once – see walkthrough) or B – the pity round (basically Rovio openly cheating in the players favour). Starting to realise that actually EVERY round we play is entirely in Rovio’s hands. Even when you get some satisfaction from completing a tricky shot, or an impressive strike, it’s all pretty much pre-ordained. Which is a grim reality.


    1020 is a mess. I think I have gotten to the boss once. Been stuck on it for a few days now, though I haven’t really been hitting that level very hard. Been doing other things in the game lately.


    I’m just getting so bored of these levels that I can’t be arsed to play more than one or two lives at a time. It’s basically saying “you see that 15ft wall? We’d like you to keep trying to jump over it. You can either try 100 times or so and then we might supply you with a ladder. Or you can buy the ladder. Actually, yes, buying the ladder would be great.”

    There’s not even the pretence that you can even reach the Boss without help; and I’ve never seen a luckier walkthrough.

    Dash Baconbuster

    Among the other hats I wear, I’m a programmer. A million years ago (this was the Windows 95 era), I wrote a silly little puzzle game that used the C/C++ “rand()” function to generate random numbers. My little monsters moved in entirely a random manner.

    Here’s the thing: when I started testing the game, sometimes the monsters were stupid, sometimes they seemed malevolently sentient, determined to kill me. There was no real pattern (which is kind of the whole point of the rand() function) …

    … which is pretty much what I’ve seen in the few weeks that I’ve been playing Angry Birds 2 again.

    Look: of course Rovio wants to make money. That’s why they’re in business. But they’re not going to make much money by frustrating people. Having (or even a few thousand) paying customers isn’t much of a business model.

    I had tried AB2 when it was first released and soon deleted it. Now I’m trying it again and find it challenging, but I haven’t seen anything unreasonable. Rovio has made some nice changes, too — for example, when I played it before, sometimes I got 1 or 2 stars on a really hard level. Now I never fail to get three stars, even if I watch videos and buy a “play on.”

    Oh … I’m not a bot (at least, not the best of my knowledge). I’m currently doing well in the Arena. The key, as others here have pointed out, is to play often. I only make it to the 7th level maybe 1 out of 5 times. I also don’t “play on” if I know that I’m going to lose. I’ll end the game and start over.

    Just some food for thought, folks. Have fun! Life is too short …

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