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  • 400 free gems will not make up for this, what do you guys think?


    I can’t find any pending update for android in Google play there is 1.24.9 and 1.24.10 which has already been pushed out but nothing else and if Rovio said 5hrs ago they have logged a new update it would be there but there is nothing.


    I though 1.24.10 was the newer, “fixed” update

    Otis Nyandie

    Just installed and regular game works but the moment after selecting any player, selecting energoicon and immediately after event true to its açcurate name event IMPLODES


    I would like to suggest having some free sparks as compensation for a few days of not being able to earn our sparks.

    Especially for iOS users who should also get more free sparks, as we iOS users definitely cannot access the live event Implotion.

    For your consideration, Rovio / Exient / @lewie4


    thats because the update file has been updated yesterday, the time they said android had a “second” update.


    Correct they said the issue of crashing on the event has been fixed for android and they had sent the update to google play and as i said there is nothing showing as a new update pending or ready for release.


    @armourbender The bonus squad is smokescreen’s squad.


    @optimuspig I was referring to a soft update for those of us who have the “fixed” hard update but just can’t get into the challenge. I recall late last year where there was a similar problem with the challenge where it would provide a cut scene/cartoon when trying to enter the challenge and crash and a soft update was put out to fix it.


    Android users cannot access the Implosion event either. But, we can play the regular game.


    I’m an Android player With the newest available version, I can play the regular game, but am still shut out of the event thanks to the inevitable auto-crash. Is this ever getting fixed or not, Rovio?


    Especially now that it’s late enough that we’re already missing out on much of the event’s possible prizes, if not the whole thing (and since it’s been more than a day since the last “fix,” and more than two since you inexplicably broke the whole game.)


    @ed209 feel your pain. Been playing since Nov 2014. Believe it or not, this is far, REALLY far from the worst nerfing, code release or fundamental game economics screw up.
    not to minimize the current issue but wow, has this game been a test of perseverance over the last 2 years.

    Drover’s Dog

    Although I cannot play the event I still have access to the Token Exchange where sparks are 500 for 420 token, 750 for 750 token and 1,500 for 1,200 token.

    I can use gems at rate of one per 2 token to purchase these 2,750 sparks and it will cost 1,185 gems…. I really don’t think there is value in that, but others may disagree.

    Currently there is a bundle for sale at $A13.99 which gives 7,500 sparks, 125 gems and 12,500 extremely useful coins (sarcasm font inserted) which seems to be a good deal as for the same $A13.99 in the gem store one can buy 400 gems.

    Do I a) spend real world hard earned dollars; b) use gems of which I have 27,000 or c) sit on my hands and do nothing?


    Thanks for sharing what you can see at Token Exchange and the Bundle.

    If I were you, I would use first use those free 400 gems (compensation by Rovio / Exient)
    to either / or
    1) get some Sparks from Token Exchange, these are very valuable.
    2) accelerate the upgrades for the Brothers in Arms squad.
    2b) if your Brothers in Arms squad is reasonably OK > level 12 then use this down time to upgrade Starscream’s squad members, the Seekers.

    Prediction by @sntrooper in an earlier post. Notice that Starscream is in the new Chinese New Year poster splash screen too. And so is Grimlock but perhaps he’s representing the Dragon he’s carrying the Dragon head… Use your imagination to equate Dinasour to Dragon somehow…

    3) Then finally I would buy the Spark Bundle for $$$ as these have rarely shown up last live event Chinese New Year.


    The only scary thing, for me, is if I spend more $$$ on this game and all I’ve paid for gets taken away. :O
    Due to some buggy game program updates.
    Something for you to think about.

    I haven’t upgraded to the new Chromia version 1.24.7 for IOS. Which is dated 2 Feb 2017 on App Store.
    I have NEVER tried the restoring from Facebook or Game Center before so I may actually be BANKRUPT in the world of ABT if the restoring fails. :O.

    So on subject of game program updating, I am twiddling my thumbs & doing nothing until it is verified by users that updating is relatively bug-free.


    Third day now with no update for iOS to fix the game not loading. Getting very annoying now


    Congrats Rovio,you finally add a new feature/event to the game after 3 years and it won’t even allow me to play 1 round without crashing. I’m running a new Android phone with nougat. Rovio, failure at its finest.


    @kdubz, at least you can get in to the game, IOS players have to wait for the new update to appear on the app store to fix the issue :(


    We will be able to close this thread out soon as the Implosion Event is all but over and as such we will have nothing to say about the event


    The only event related comment I can post is that I cannot play it. That’s it.


    Updated to still imploding, running on android.


    I have not updated to 1.24.7 on iOS. Still running 1.23.9 with no issues but no access to this two day tournament. I’ll wait til the revised update on iOS.


    @lewie4 any plans to compensate us for this broken event?


    Android users, did they fix the explosive rounds?


    Yes, the explosive rounds are fixed.

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