I'm pretty much done with ABF tournaments

  • I’ve voiced my opinion on reviews, and have emailed Rovio…Tournaments is a farce. Impossibly high scores achieved thru power-ups, mixed with those of us who only want to play with the birds given. There are other threads addressing this. I don’t come here often, and don’t post my scores (mostly because I don’t know how, and probably wouldn’t even if I did). I only started ABF about 4-5 tournaments ago, and did well in the first two. Then I noticed a change. There needs to be 2 playing levels! Once you use a power-up, you automatically get placed in the tier of other players cheating, er…I mean, using power-ups. Those players using power-ups, should be denoted with an icon. Apparently, this is a long standing gripe and has not been addressed/rectified by Rovio.

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  • hooksfan

    Using power-ups isn’t a cheat. Installing add-ons onto your browser that allows you to use your power-ups multiple times on a level is a cheat. Some of the levels that are in AB Friends would be nearly impossible to get a three star without the use of a power-up. The power-ups for AB Friends have been around for quite some time. You might be having an issue with the cheaters since they came out with the leagues. Rovio has been slowly weeding out the cheaters (really high scores). If you have an issue with that contact Rovio with the screen name of the player. I’ve had quite a few players ahead of me removed. You might also want to try a different platform. Some levels favor mobile over PC and likewise.


    I only play on my Android phone. I wouldn’t know how to go about installing add-ons. I’ve 3 starred everything so far, with the exception of one level, where I’m stuck at 2 stars. I don’t keep track of player names. I just want to play, on a level playing field, and see how I fare. I came in second on my first try, and won the next tournament (no power ups). Since then, it’s been all downhill (currently ranked 15th, which will expire very soon). I sent an email to Rovio about this. Thank you for responding. I’m just waiting for the next Star Wars update.


    The power ups have been available on ABF since day 1. I played it the first day it was released in 2011. They are there by Rovio’s doing, for everyone to use, and Rovio WANTS you to use them. If you don’t want to compete with pu, try one of their scores of different games. PU seems to have taken off with FB, and many people seem to enjoy using them. Attempting to separate the scores and tracking PU usage I think would be far too much hassle for ABN, and even Rovio.

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