I’m not happy with the new version. Even angrier now.

  • What I have discovered so far is that the storage has changed beyond all recognition.  The crystals are not worth as much as the materials were.  While it is more capacious, you have to work harder to fill it.


    The gems are rarer and harder to come by.  They clearly don’t want people saving up gems.  I used to like the game for the fact that it was generous with gems, you could collect around 40 or so a week, but that number has gone down now.  And the “price” of the new Bumblebee in gems is 1000- more than the usual 750.


    The spark run doesn’t give you a bonus 100 sparks for participation and many of the once doable daily challenges are gone, replaced with ones that will need work just to have what I need to do them.


    The upgrading of accessories and energonicons may prove an interesting challenge, but there’s so many of them!  I still haven’t completed a full upgrade of all my characters, most are at 11, and now there’s more to do.  I feel like I had one mountain to climb, now there’s a whole mountain range.


    I’ve also just learned that the nodes have time outs, no idea what that’s about.  What really gets me is that I recently spent actual money on the game, like recently, to get a couple new characters.  I invested in the game I liked and was making headway with, now I wonder if I’ll still be playing after I’ve achieved my original goals.


    I realise that complaining about having to play the game more seems odd, but it feels like more of a grind, rather than the worthy pursuit of patience that I enjoyed.


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  • VaBeachGuy

    Is there any reason now, to not just say ‘screw it’ and go full on ‘cheat’ mode now?


    @vabeachguy using cheats damages only good players around, who still try to play. And I don’t think you’ll get many fun of it. Few days maybe. So no point.


    New game is a backwards step.  There is little or no rewards and I cannot get my head around what to do with those gems thingys.


    I prefer the old game.



    I wasn’t really serious. But if I’m going to uninstall it and move on, it wouldn’t really matter if I did or not.


    And I didn’t think Rovio could treat its customers/players any worse. The new revamping of the game has one purpose and that is to make players spend more money. It is not more interesting or challenging. It is less fun and the way Rovio just made all of our hard earned gems and sparks and material disappear and obsolete is criminal. I am not surprised at the way Rovio made these sweeping changes without concern or consideration their customers feelings, that is and has been their way of operation from the beginning. Maximize profits and total disregard for customer concerns.
    I only play one game and it is Angry Birds Transformers.  I am ready to give it up simply because it is no longer enjoyable. That combined with Rovios total disregard for its customers concerns and support have moved me to lose interest in any of its products.
    To work for over a year gaining and saving all the materials and rewards and then to have them all disappear, become obsolete or have no real way to replenish the major game currencies is an inconsiderate and irresponsible act made by the Rovio Corporation. Perhaps if enough of us voice our displeasure with this in fair and inconsiderate act they might review and reconsider the scope of the update. I seriously doubt it though as considering their customers concerns is not something Rovio does.


    Found online and thought I’d share :)


    Egrimlock lover

    So we are hating Rovio on their website?



    I’ve almost completely stopped playing. I’ll do the daily event but never spend gems to re-charge, whereas I used to re-charge way too much, just to have the competition.

    So if their goal was to stop people from playing, their strategy has worked… with me, anyway.


    Same.  I have barely played these past 2 weeks.   Can’t even justify doing the daily quests any more since it costs more to do them than you get back.


    If the game has become tougher to us, long time players, imagine how it is for players with less than a year of having installed the game.


    All they’ve done is succeeded in making the game a lot more boring. Everything feels like a grind now.


    The most shocking thing I’ve seen, was a post on Facebook some weeks ago (I couldn’t find it back, so no link available) where people were asked if they were pleased or were not pleased with the new upgrade. To my surprise the majority was pleased with it, so I guess R/E has no reason for restoring the old version (apart from the fact that  in the new version they’ll be getting a lot more money if people are willing to pay for it). The fact that they’ve ruined the game for players who have been loyal to this game for many years is of no importance to them.



    Are you sure? I just checked FB comments and the majority of the the comments were complaints or upset posts (all rightly so). Occasionally, I see a positive comment, but most are either from newbies that didn’t know any better, from very casual players, or maybe even fake/planted posts.

    I share the same sentiment with many of those here. I used to play a lot more. Sometimes my OCD/competitiveness causes me to spend may too many gems to recharge to reach/stay @ #1. However, all of the rewards have been nerfed, it’s impossible to earn tokens outside of the Event, and earning gems have all but disappeared (unless forking out cold hard cash), there’s very little motivation to play and compete anymore. Not to mention all of my progress (I had some accessories at lvl 20+ were abruptly reset to lvl 1).


    Those who have positive feelings about the new version don’t necessarily express that – at least not so often than those who are disappointed. I, personally, am (mostly) satisfied with this new version because I need to spend less time with it!


    @abt Yes, I’m 100% sure that I’ve read this some weeks ago. Just like you I was totally flabbergasted by this news. If I remember correctly there were about 50 reactions to this question, with about 30 people who were happy with this new update (, which is quite in contrast to most reactions). I’ve now tried again to find it on FB, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed. So now I’m sorry I haven’t documented it at the time I saw it, but I was only thinking that the world has gone mad.


    Anyone want the 7200 tokens I have from recent challenge 🙂


    Wow, I’ve read these groups for years on this game.  I just signed up to join in the bashing.  I’m so disappointed in the current iteration of the game.  Like many of you commented, there’s almost nothing worth playing for.

    Crates are now a waste, tokens don’t add up fast enough, why am I upgrading stuff I upgraded in the past.

    Challenge Run is the biggest waste of time ever now, I literally place a pen that will activate the screen and let it sit there till Superion dies.  After all, the prizes are worthless.  I’m letting the pen play once a day now.

    I used to watch videos to double coins, since I was buying crates to get tokens and gems, with those previously worthless upgrades to transform power.  How I long for the days I joked about getting upgrades to sunglasses.  Now I never double coins by watching a video anymore.

    I’m playing less, so I have more free time to shelter in place.

    I won’t be playing comps that are single character with no chance of buying an upgrade anymore, not worth the time.

    Thanks for raising the cost of gold crates in tokens, now I can’t even reach that level, they’ve become worthless anyway, so it’s better that they’re the new Rarium, ah, remember Rarium, remember playing the slot machine when you could win gems.  I’d spend all my stuff trying to win gems.  Now that’s not even an option.

    So now I have full useless white crystals, full almost useless blue crystals, I’ll play for green or higher.  Not sure why anymore.

    It’s simple, if you want me to play more, make prizes achievable and worth playing for.  Right now, neither is true.

    Oh, another thing, while you’re bored playing, use the auto button if you haven’t yet.  You barely have to play, which is the right amount of effort these days.

    So remember, avoid ads, stop watching them, that’s the only way we can affect change, and don’t give them money.


    I haven’t been on this forum in quite awhile. I’m one of those players who has played this game since day one. However, with all the changes, it is so darn boring and confusing. I have lost interest.

    I’ve played the game since it had the animated intro sequence and when G1 Transformers was on Toons TV. Needless to say I deserved the veteran’s discount. I honestly love the new update. I’m the type of person who loves a challenge, and I got that given to me. Sure, I was a little disappointed that all of the Energonicons were downgraded back to Level 1, but that was it. With the new update, I love the fact that I can upgrade my accessories, Autobots, Decepticons, and energonicons using crystals, and you can even get gems in the War Pass/Prime Pass.

    Speaking of gems, why the frick are you complaining about gems being rarer to come across? JUST BUY THEM FROM THE SHOP! It’s what I do!

    Honestly, I think you’re all being sore losers about the new update. Sure, the old game was fun (especially because it had G1 Transformers on Toons TV), but the new update just BLEW MY MIND with how many changes they added.


    Why would I buy gems??? I have 24,000 of them.

    I was talking to @david005.


    Well only a few more hours left of this long drawn out War Pass season one.  I am over it.


    @dixie Mine just ended. All that happened was the timer change to a 7 day countdown to the next season. Yawn.


    Yes I did take note of that change to another “few” more daze of it.

    Anyways, I for one am excited for the Second War/Prime Pass Season.

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