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  • Hello,

    well, the title says it all so what´s the point of writing further stuff about it?

    At least I can tell you why I decided to quit “cold turkey”.

    1) the horrible waiting time of 1 hour/scout

    2) horrible chance of getting 4 or 5 star birds

    3) I had many crashes which eg. took away the rare 10x Premium Eggs rewards. Isn´t it nice if you see the reward and the game crashes afterwards without giving you anything back?

    Another reason for me to quit was the lack of sleep. It´s not easy to get used to 3-4 hours of sleep at night. And for what? Just so you can get some extra scouts and get some Pixels in the end?

    You might think that by quitting the game I just decided to uninstall it and that´s it.

    Well, to make sure that it won´t be tempting anymore, I destroyed everything I had.

    I sold the birds for gold and evolution coins and upgraded my Clan to level 3.

    I made a new leader so he can do whatever he wants with it, change the name etc, just consider it as some sort of farewell gift.

    It was not always that bad but in the end you have to make decisions, especially if a game slowly gets control over your real life.

    Just have a look at the South Park Episode “Freemium isn´t free” and you might understand what I´m talking about.

    I would have loved to give the remaining stuff like 1000+ evolution coins to other people but the game doesn´t have such a option.

    Hell, I could have given the whole account away but it was linked to my main Facebook account.

    It´s been a great time and to be honest, I feel a lot better after having regained control again.

    Take good care guys,

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  • e5c4p3artist

    You have already seen my long-winded post about this. I agree with your decision completely and for all the same reasons you listed. Especially this one:

    “I feel a lot better after having regained control again.”

    I know it is not easy. But as soon as Scout Timers went up to 1 hour (for those of us who had 10 minute timers), it turned a game that could be played a leisure into a game where you are a slave to the grind. I fully support your decision, and congratulations on the FREEDOM!

    I am the kind of guy that basically plays one game at a time. I am looking for a new one that is actually fun, and not overly-limiting, to play. When I find it, I will try to remember to post back here and tell what it is.

    Yaroslav Platash

    You forgot to mention horrible matchmaking on Arena, when team of 8-9k power may be often matched with teams of 20-40k power.
    I had such 15 times in a row!
    That was last straw…

    Markus Brezel

    Yes, I forgot about the matches indeed. Nobody in the right mind would match a level 50 Player with a level 125? Especially if the other player has 5 level 100 Birds?

    I also lost countless matches because of that.

    Well, like I said before: I was one of the guys which had the 1 hour/scout timer from the beginning and somehow got used to the crap factor.

    Forget about this game, this one is worse than drugs. Never let a game take control over your real life.

    Don´t let the cheerful music and shiny graphics trick you. It´s a one armed bandit disguised as a game.

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