How to get Nemisis Prime?????

  • Will Nemisis Prime be available to purchase again? He is the only character I am missing and would like to get him if possible.

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  • ED209

    Everyone is hoping that he will be in the next event for Halloween but as of yet no one is 100% sure if he will be in the event for tokens or he will be available to buy only.

    Everyone is hoping for tokens as I’m not spending any money on this game.


    He HAS to return for the event since he was the only limited-time character that Didn’t make a return for the “2 Year Celebration” event a while back

    I don’t know if he will be available to buy, Also if it’s available by paying only, can i use a gift card from itunes to buy him or i mast have a credit card to buy him?


    hes in tokens

    I have already unlocked him.


    Yay, he’s back and I can finally complete my collection!

    Several options:
    6000 tokens if you want to work for it
    3000 gems if you don’t
    Combination of tokens earned and tokens bought with gems
    $19.95(US) if you want to buy it, includes jetpack accessory and 500 gems

    I’m going to work for it. Apologies in advance to anyone I snipe along the way.


    There will be no sniping on my watch, unless it’s me doing it. :)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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