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    I have problems with level 139.
    In the seccond room, there is a high opstacle between the slingshot and the piggie-stuff.
    There are no portals, so i have to aim over that opstacle
    Is there any trick to solve that room efficient (with less than three birds)
    The trick, i need here, must always work, no matter, wich birds or spells are ready to usa, if i enter this room..

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  • Saphira

    If I have time I’ll look at it later. For now, why don’t you check out video of it on Angry Birds Nest?


    139 or 319?

    All i can say is to aim with Terence, and if you’re not good at aiming i would recommend Matilda.

    Matilda is almost always forgotten, especially with her “double attack”. In the beginning of the game i hated her until i understood how to use her


    i thaught, i wrote that the same in titla and text.
    But now i solved it

    I wonder, why this level didn´t have a skull-sign…


    If the structure is tough, you can use blues to test the trajectory first, adjust the angle, and use Bomb, Terence or Silver to finish the piggies off. A maximum of two birds are guaranteed to finish the room.


    I scrolled back in the map and looked at it. You said you solved it, but I have to tell you that you will see many many variations of this room as you progress, and there is no trick, really. You will usually need one bird to clear those structures out of the way, then another to get the pigs. Sometimes Terence can slam down through all of it, but you have to get the angle right. This type of room is sometimes easy and sometimes very aggravating. Anyway, I completed level 139 three times earlier to see what you were talking about. It wasn’t too hard. If you had trouble, you just need to keep at it and improve your flinging skills! :)

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