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  • GrauGeist

    Yeah, Level 41 is a mess. You can get guys with mastery 4s or guys with mastery 10. It’s pretty nuts.


    Just read the post above regarding banner color. While the colors may represent what is available on the prize wheel at each level, other colors are most definitely available via the GPM. I got a set item red banner yesterday, so maybe the players with the super strong banners have just been paying real $ to spin the machine more. I was just lucky to get a good free spin myself.


    @burbman Yeah the banner colors are for the regular banners; the set items have their own design and isn’t color coded, but the same-looking set items will be stronger in the higher leagues so ideally I’d save LC until reaching the diamond league (but then again hard to reach diamond league without spending LC haha).


    Yeah. So far, I’ve been able to win like 2 or 3 matches, since I moved to the next league.

    I’m level 41, with mastery 6-7, Stone League, and the opponents are always level 10 Super Saiyan.



    My guess is some opponents are birds from real players while others are generated by computers. The computer-generated opponents have clear-cut ranks (eg. lvl 6 but with an empty mastery bar) and lavishly decorated banners. This is probably because Rovio wants to give computer opponents an advantage as they have lower intelligence and they can’t choose which bird to move first. Merchant Pig is an obvious example. But it’s pretty obvious that some are real hackers (eg. those with Matilde wearing a fancy black headgear) and I hope Rovio carries out a crackdown ASAP.

    By the way, my game crashed TWICE today while I was playing Arena matches, and since each time you quit the game is considered a lost battle, I can’t play anymore. I feel that hackers are to blame because who knows what they did to their lineup that caused my game to crash. I’m frustrated because I was so close to finishing the final objective, and I’m about to lose my third place on the leaderboard — which means I’m gonna stay in the Wood League for another week. I really look forward to an emergency fix


    The thing is, it’s stupid to have computer opponents at all.

    To start, Rovio could have just picked any 3 random birds from any random player of similar level.

    Now, Rovio can simply pick teams that players have fielded in the same league.


    Rovio probably tested the arena with computer generated birds and didn’t remove them after the arena was released.

    Something weird happened to me yesterday. I completed 2 or 3 of my objectives and my PvP was reset for 3 new objectives. I didn’t spend the 20 LC to reset because I don’t have that much saved up. Later on I completed the first 2 objectives and just completed my third objective which was to kill all three birds simultaneously using a rage skill. I didn’t get credit for the kill or the 3000 point bonus. Instead a little bit later it gave me another 3 new objectives. I completed the first 2 and before I could start on the last one the game reverted me back to where I completed 2 objectives and only needed to knock out all 3 birds to complete my third objective. Unfortunately for me my score also reverted back a few thousand points. Overall I think I got about an extra 5000 points because of the extra objectives so I now have a chance to make the stone league if I don’t get the Thunderbird objective again.


    I ran into something today that was either a glitch or some very serious hacking. I was matched up with an opponent that had extremely high stats. His samurai had over 2.5 million hps and hit for 3x 250k. The thunderbird and bard on the team also had similar stats.

    Has anyone else seen this before? I’ll come back later and post the screenshots


    @jeffersonmcm Yep someone else had posted a screenshot of that; definitely a hack in that case. You may have even ran into the same team.

    Grumpy Cat

    I’ve ran into level 99 hackers before…but this is a whole new level.

    Considering these are the usual stats of hackers, I guess we can conclude the opponents with higher league banners are actually computer generated.


    Wow this is just ridiculous. I guess the title of the topic has confirmed to be true.


    I think Rovio has fixed most of these issues. I no longer see players with banners other than green, yellow or set.


    @chinolatino I would not say that this early ^^
    Mostly play against black, red, orange banners everyday & still 1 hour ago… really don’t think this have been solved by Rovio yet ;)

    I think the only reason for not seeing them so often now is because they moved to the top league after the first week, and you are in wood to crap league, same as any legit user…


    OK, I’m in the silver league and, with the exception of about 5 hacked opponents, have played with legit teams and make my way up for the last two weeks.

    Now, with my “Top 14” players that I’m “competing against” for a top 3 spot to move up to the next league, the #1 player had 50,000 trophy points on Day 1… IMPOSSIBLE!

    You get 5,500 if you complete all of the objectives of the day, a maximum of 75 per battle… So that means he’d have to play 594 battles in a 24 hour period or 1 battle every 2 1/2 minutes without sleep or bathroom breaks. That’s if he got the MAXIMUM 75 trophies per battle.

    By day 2, I was in 5th place and I had 5,600 – I completed my objectives the second day, missed the first. #2, 3 and 4 had 12,000 because they finished both day’s objectives.

    Day 3, #1 has 62,000, #2 has 51,000 and #3 has 33,000…

    Even getting all of the objectives per day at 5,500 x 3 = 16,500 means #3 has double the possible objective trophies. He’d have to win 225 battles IF he got the maximum 75/battle. When there were cheaters in each match, that was tolerable, but how can you get into the top 3 spots when they cheat their way in?? It’s impossible! How are they doing it!?!

    It’s driving me crazy!!


    I have 2 questions:

    1. Who are the opponents, the so called “enemies”? Obviously they are played by a computer and not by a human player. So who are they? (They are apparently not the human players that play in the same league as you and whose ranks you can see.)

    2. The player who is rankes 1st in my league has 26,875 arena points now. But for the daily objectives, you get 5,500 points and today is only day 3 so all the other players have like 18,000 or 19,000 points. How can someone have 36,000 points? Is there another way to win arena points?


    @chriss 1. The opponents are people who DID play a battle at one time but the computer records them and when you fight them the computers remakes the exact moves they did

    2. I think they are certain ways or hacks to either give you points or reset the objectives as much as you want but no matter what its not legitimate.


    The people who hacked to level 99 will only play level 99 people who also hacked the game, but there are other types who are still level 30 or 31 or something who have a gazillion life and attack and kill you and your banner after one hit. You’re lying if you say you encountered a level 99 player. They pair you with people at your level so all the LEVEL 99 HACKS ONLY (not other types of hacks) will only play other hackers at that level.

    But this other stuff like having 50,000 trophy points keeping everyone out of the top 3 or having 4 million life for your banner… not right…


    @hamstrman Scroll up on this post and you’ll see some screen shots that show an example of a hack. You must not haven’t played PvP much because you don’t always get paired with people who are your same level. I’m level 41 and usually fight other max level opponents, but I fight level 39 and 40 players quite often. I even fought a level 1 player once, but that was probably a bug with this game.


    @inimical grumpy cat-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. had not been looking for the “APIWAT” scenario when previewing my matches. Because of you I was able to identify “PAIN” prior to playing him. maybe we should start a list of these crazy hackers so people can avoid. I realize now I encountered one last round. Thank you again and avoid “Pain” if you run into them.


    @killerkea Huh, I haven’t had the pleasure… Weird that that’s never happened before. The only people I’ve ever played that WEREN’T at my level were those insanely high hacked people that @jeffersonmcm posted pictures of. They were level 100 or level 14, oddly enough (NOT 41). The descriptions of each bird couldn’t even fit on my screen to take a screencap because they had so much life the line of characters was too long.

    But the people who are suddenly having 50,000 and 60,000 trophy points mostly are Unnamed Player, but a couple weren’t. Had I not lost my Silver League status and gone all the way back down to Wood League (lost my data when synchronization went horribly wrong – damn Rovio! Took weeks to get to Silver!), I would have made a note of those people… It was impossible for me to progress to the next league with that top 3 of hackers building up their trophy points infinitely high.


    @hamstrman: Same problem here. How I hate those android players. Rovio, please let me only play against iOS players!


    My fave are the birds with health levels over 100,000. Pointless to even play. Today, I was in 3rd for the entire day day, and someone who was in 8th pave is now 20,000 points ahead of me. These cheats makes me want to stop playing. I progress honestly.


    @chriss The computer also makes decisions for how the birds attack (either lowest health bird still alive or attack the banner). The only thing that’s “real” is the recorded player birds’ data (though it may record most recent selected birds lineup because on rare occasions I’ve gotten only 1 or 2 birds instead of 3).

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