How many gems do you need to win Tower Of Fortune?

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  • Sometimes you are more lucky than other times, but I’m wondering if anyone has a list of the increasing gems needed to continue on in Tower of Fortune… e.g. I know it goes from 20 to then 50 and think to 100? But what’s beyond that?

    Also, do you know the average amount of gems needed to win the Tower of Fortune?


    Thank you in advance

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  • Shuckle

    It really doubles every time: 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, which is the most i have paid. There are tickets that move you directly to level 20. After that you just need luck.


    There is a youtube video of someone who had 26 000 gems and they got to level 89 (it was when it used to have 90 levels).  The most gems you have to pay is 3200 and it stays at that level.


    Where are these tickets that jump you to level 20? I’ve been playing for the last year and haven’t seen any except on older versions of old YouTube videos.


    Used to be able to win express tickets in adventures, now you can sometimes buy them for daily deals or get them during an evolution hat event in the shop.

    I like to have at least 20k gems to do a tower run, but I feel winning is anytime I walk away ahead or even on gems. Treat it like gambling and don’t expect a jackpot very often.


    But remember it’s not 50 gems, think of it like 70 gems, you are now investing 70 gems into the run, what will you possibly be getting back? I usually do the 20 and then use the video, or go further depending. Video as a fall-back makes me a bit bolder.


    Jfpruitt -I’ve seen the Tower of Fortune ticket and got one during an”Event” and purchased it with the event coins.


    Thank you all for the replies. Very helpful!

    – just wondering how you accumulate 20,000 gems? Do you buy them? If so, that’s fine… but just wondering if you have another version of the game or if you have any advice for getting more gems. In my game I have the option to buy 13,000 gems for $99.99! That looks like the most I can purchase at once but that’s a lot of money!

    Also I expanded on the amount of gems you need if you get 8 pigs before winning the tower:

    50 (70)
    100 (170)
    200 (370)
    400 (770)
    800 (1570)
    1600 (3170)
    3200 (6370)

    So, 6,370 gems is the answer (if you get a pig 8 times. And then add on another 3200 each time you get a pig after that).

    Happy New Year all!




    I got the gems by doing daily quests every day, opening common chest as much as possible, and the arena has been a huge help for the last year. Careful spending and saving, only spend gems when I really need it. Know when a tower run is good or bad and to go all in or abandon it. I am maybe up 1-2k gems a month, depending on how arena goes?

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