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  • With all the crashing I finally used facebook to put transformers on my phone once my itouch keep crashing. now my phone is crashing. Do you always have to delete the game to keep it current?

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  • 2p4fun

    I Don’t no but I try to play and it craches twice in one event,so I ended up with 2 run instead of 4 and it piss me off.


    Seems like multiple people are only getting half the number of runs in today (myself included). I had only 4 of 8 without crashes! :( In terms of the multiple devices, I didn’t have a problem with it before… but lately it seems to struggle to keep my two devices synced even with Facebook turned on within the app. I find the game runs better when NOT using Facebook, so I will disable it most of the time and then turn it on to sync with the server sometime. Doesn’t always save my progress though.


    Usually it works fine when you sync two devices using facebook.

    This week it backfired (sort of). I switched off autoupdating apps on my smartphone and updated the game on tablet (both on android). This way I was able to play on phone as update just crashed at startup.

    Then they updated the app again, I switched to check tablet, left phone unupdated.

    The prowl event started yesterday, I start playing on my tablet, experienced frequent crashes but somehow reached 32k points.

    Then I thought about my phone and decided to try if unupdated game would see event and experience no crashes. IT DID.

    I was placed with a completely different group, in the first place. No crashes, I made into 50k points and saw an update going on on tablet. At the same time my game on the phone was hit with the ‘control mess up’ glitch, so I hard closed the app.

    Now the weirdest part. Tablet opens, loads cloud save (I have cloud load confirm enabled), gems AND Tokens synced, old leaderboard restored, points at 32k on leaderbord and 0 on event screen with the next token goal at 175k. Run the comp, game instacrashes.

    Open the app on phone, same picture (no cloud load). Run the comp, my score now “updated” at the result of this run and I’m 19th with 2k points. Oh yeah.

    Hard close the phone, opent tablet, 32k on leaderboard (8th place down from 2nd), 0 on event, I decide to stop it.

    Today I’ve got 200 tokens for the 8th place. At least not 0.

    Buggy game

    Luis C.

    I play at home with my iPad and at work with my iPhone. I usually log of from one device before logging on with the other.


    I bring up ABT on my phone, connect to facebook, play(JARSU),disconnect.
    start up my itouch, connect to facebook and it never syncs the quests, tasks, or events.
    The only reason I’ve done this is after the last 3 updates I cannot keep any device running. Definitely into JARFU at this point.

    Luis C.

    Ok, this is my daily morning excersice before leaving for work. I usually play at home with my iPad so:

    1 – Start ABT in my iphone WITHOUT loggin in to my ABT FB session, press the home button on iPhone to go to the main screen.

    2 – go to my already open session of ABT on my iPad (remember, Ive been playing all night on this device) and LOG OUT, go to the main ABT screen AND PRESS THE HOME BUTTON! (dont forget)

    3 – go to my iPhone, open ABT (thats been running in the background) and Login to FB (in ABT), press Connect when prompted and wait to be taken back to ABT, WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE EFFECTIVLY LOGGED ON, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT…!!!! You will know you´ve been effectively logged on ABT in FB when the the FB logo with the Logout option is present.

    ABT logged off

    4 – Close the Option screen and a few seconds after this a screen should pop up asking what Backup do you want to use, the local back up or the Cloud backup… Always pick the Cloud backup as this should be the latest saved game.

    5 – Make sure the amount of coins, gems, tokens and what now are the same as the ones on your previous devices (at this point you can open ABT on your other devices just to compare DONT LOG IN..!!!. NEVER EVER LOGIN SIMULTANIOUNSLY ON TWO DEVICES AT THE SAME TIME since the game will automatically update the game info to the oldest savegame available and set you back.

    6 – Game on…!!!


    Thanks for the run down Luis.
    Still doesn’t work, I did everything in the order described, but the screen never pops up asking about the back-up.
    Very well written and organized though, I must have some setting not set properly.
    Thanks again

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