How do I give and receive gifts

  • I,ve now about 40 friends, but how do we give and receive gifts ?
    Must we creat a group and how to do that ?
    Thx for your Answers !

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  • Rambleberry

    @hendricus – since you have friends already, I’m going to assume you are connected to Facebook. Using browser, go into game as usual, when you open it, your inbox should open automatically. You can send gifts through it, and collect gifts your friends have sent you. If it does not, then just click on Inbox in lower right corner.

    It is better if you let your gifts accumulate before collecting. Not long though, a week or so, then click claim all. Send gifts separately and everyday. Ask your friends to do same. (Gifts reset every day. I don’t remember exact time. I send mine out at about 9:30PM, EST, or before 2:30PM the next day. Gifts have already reset at that time. Just pick a time and try to send close to it every day.)

    Hope that helps.


    Thx for your Answer.
    What I did, somebody wants me as friend, I accepted iT ( all at my iPad ), his friends I’ve send THE question if they want to be my friend ( again iPad ).
    I’m also connected with Facebook, but didn’t ask them at Facebook but with their name @abu-rayan ( for instance ), these namens are not known at Facebook, thaths my problem thaths why I thought à group could – sorry for my poor english !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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