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  • I lost interest in the tournament pretty quick after realizing there was no way I could even be competitive. I mean I look at walk through score, which I often am able to beat, but then I go look at the score board and I don’t even appear, as the top scores are 50-80,000 higher than I can possible get clearing everything on the screen. Have no idea how they get those scores.

    Example level 4 average score seems to be mid to high 240,000’s, maybe 250,000. The high score I see in the Wood tournament results board is 285,000.

    How is that possible?

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  • sal9

    @malemotives There are some very, very good players out there.



    I’ve moved this thread to the Angry Birds Friends forum.

    If you check our walkthrough pages, we have some of the best players posting their strategies.


    Glad someone else brought this up. I was gonna start a thread myself. I know what you mean. Ex. Level 2 of this week’s tournament I cleared every last pig and piece of debris with 1 bird. I don’t see how you can do any better, yet the top score is 10k higher (and that is a small gap compared to most times.) There has got to be something else going on. Does anyone know if angry birds or someone else puts out a website that explains the EXACT scoring method. Like idk, I used to wonder if you destroyed more all at once you would get a higher score than doing it over time ( I know you get 10k per extra bird) but seeing as I completed the whole level with 1 bird I am at a loss. Also what about different platforms? Would it really be possible to get 10-20 thousand extra points becausei used a comp instead of my phone?


    ABN has walkthrough videos for every level with a discussion thread below to share techniques and strategies to get top scores with and without power-ups. Also check out the other discussion threads in ABF forum.


    Ya it has nothing to do with strategy. As I said I destroyed every pig and debris with one bird. It is also strange (I i am definitely not teeing to be prejudice) that every person in MY ABF group and in the leagues shares certain……. similar names. Maybe hacking angry birds is very popular in certain places. I Guess all I can do is gripe but it honestly pisses me off some to see such a great idea ruined. Not to mention a quick Google search for angry birds hax brings up multiple cheat engines, but I would rather stick to playing for, what used to be fun than accidently downloading some virus. How many people do you think would have to complain to rovio before they start banning people. I mean they know the top possible scores. It would only take one screenshot to show them who is cheating.


    leethax extention on firefox..Gives unlimited power ups..Thats how….


    I have basically unlimited power ups for ABF as well becausei have allot of people gift me every day. Lol. No is the cheat engines they are using where you can input your own scores. Don’t think they’re is anything that can be done. Just wish rovio would do something. Maybe start an online petition idk


    Hi @revcarl, as @ron-ritchie-3152 has said, it is leethax. But it’s worse than you think – they can literally use a loaded WM for EVERY BIRD, or use unlimited BQ’s until everything falls down (in such cases). They get their scores with ZERO birds all the time! I’m a very good player, can usually hold my own, and I know the best players, with whom many of them I am friended, and their scores are honest – and I’m usually right behind them, once in a while in the lead on a level. But right now I’m 100K behind the “leaders” in my league. Their scores are impossible, and it’s leethax to blame. It makes me frustrated that we can’t unfriend league people.


    After started the league many players began using leethax. I’m one of them. Unfortunately it was necessary. But as more time passes, new cheaters appear, and now there is a great competition among the leethax users. And this is very good! I advise everyone to use leethax and play as equals with the best players in the world. Your game strategy also influence a lot for you to be first.


    So there is something else going on. I have tried Leethax to see how those scores could get so high. Thing is, even if you use all BQs to remove everything on the screen, using no birds, there are scores which are still 60,000 higher than me. There is just no way to get any more points than this. So what are they doing?

    Dixi 60

    I don’t play with cheats or leethax and still manage a reasonable place on my leader board. Maybe I’m fortunate.

    I wrote to Rovio, they are trying to do something but its very difficult, they say, to contain or check the cheaters, hacka and leethax users.


    When u get to the highest league the cheaters are nit eliminated…I don’t understand this why even have it ……I wrote to Rovio and they said they were working on it I seriously doubt it. There are so many complaints


    The cheaters are not being booted, or any such thing. I play in a group of mostly cheaters, and all of their high scores are still there, and so are mine. There is not a whole lot Rovio can do about it. The game medium is through a flash player, and it is the flash player plugin that leethax is hacking, not Rovio. Cheat Engine can hack the game play as well. Leethax and Cheat Engine have been around for a couple years now, Rovio periodically attempts to recode the game and all of its play in order to get rid of cheats, but the folks at Leethax are always on top of things to debug the game. By the way, Leethax also hacks other flash games on Facebook for debugging and cheating purposes as well.


    So Long AB friends, so long Rovio as far as buying your PUs (which I can no longer purchase, sorry unexpected error). This game had so much potential, fun, but it’s become ugly.



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