Hidden avatars?

  • hey! So I’ve been playing Angry birds friends on and off since 2014 and recently decided to start playing each tournament every couple days but there one thing I noticed. Some players have avatars that aren’t on the avatar selection spot in the main menu. Such as this one with bubbles on top of a cake. Is there events or something that I happened to miss that have avatars as prizes?The Avatar I mentioned

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  • Suske

    They aren’t hidden for everyone and you can’t get them from events. If you go to the mobile app and log out of Facebook the Bubbles avatar should appear in the place where your Facebook avatar previously was. From what I know it’s impossible to get it when logged in to Facebook. Although that’s the case for the Bubbles avatar there is another one with Stella, unused, inside of the files of the game that no one can use in-game. I really hope that helped!

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