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  • It’s been a very long time since I frequented the Nest, but glad that it is still going strong. My questions come from the fact that I just bought my daughter her first tablet, and thought Angry Birds was a good game for her to play. Now onto my questions.

    1) My thought is that the original Angry Birds is still the best game to start with since it has the best tutorial levels. Is this correct, or are some of the other games good at that? She’s got a Fire Tablet, and I tried AB Seasons, but it starts out with one of the newer updates that has multiple birds.

    2) For myself, I was curious what the stance was on leaderboard high scores with new devices. Since Android isn’t the best for transferring between devices, I imagine I’m not the first to get a new device and have to fight with restoring old data. Are we trying to only have your current device’s scores on the leaderboards? If that’s the case, I’ll have to try and restore.

    3) Not a question, but holy crap there have been a ton of new versions and games released in the couple of years since I was a regular!

    My scoreboards are too empty, so I may have to start flinging again some more. I want another Top Score!

    4) Another question… do the old versions of AB and Seasons work on Marshmallow Android devices? If I need to start over, I’d like to install the glitch versions and get a good glitched score before upgrading.

    5) Does AB SW 2 purchased version do away with those godawful movie ads between each life?

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  • datguygamer

    1, That depends on what you consider good as it boils down to your personal taste. Currently I play only Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Seasons. There are other new games too but I find every single one of them bland and mediocre at best. Rovio has now made games covering almost all game genre (both released worldwide and soft released).

    2. I don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to say here

    4. All older games have been updated so that they run on Android M. However, even though they are updated, frequent crashes do happen in some of the games.

    5. First of all, there’s no life system in Star Wars II so I don’t know what you’re getting at. But if you have the Premium version, the third party video ads are removed; NOTE I said third party. Any video ads related to Rovio’s own games will still show up. Now, have fun with that.


    1) Looking for one that has a good tutorial. It’s good to give a 5 year old some hand holding.

    2) Meaning my scores for the leaderboard are on old devices of mine, they haven’t been restored onto my current phone yet. Do I need to worry about restoring them / getting new high scores?

    4) I meant could I use an old APK for Seasons to play on my current phone, and then upgrade once I’ve gotten a glitch score?

    5) Not meaning lives, but in between attempts. You answered the question though witht he removal of third party video ads. God they are terrible. Does adblock block them?


    1. If you’re looking for one that gives you a good tutorial, you can pick almost any of the Angry Birds games that involves flinging birds with a slingshot.

    2. Nah, you can just restore your old scores into a new device and then put there here in this leaderboard.

    4. You can.

    5. Those ads will work no matter what. What’s worse, if you force those ads to go away, then the game will crash as it won’t know what to do when the ads are trying to load but you’re forcing it not to. Without going through so much hassle, you can just play the game without any internet connection. That makes things way easier.


    Oh yeah, forgot about denying internet access to the game so nothing loads. Been a long time since I did that.

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