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  • Now that the latest non-adventure is finished, I’m looking at the disaster zone that is my hat shop. The lower shelves are full but the top shelves are looking miserable with multiple hats out of stock.

    To fill the gaps and make it gleam, I would need 445,000 pearls, such is the reality of the 10,000 hats.

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  • Twisted Lemon

    I played the first few rounds, collected the rare chest and then gave up. Wish I didn’t have to but thanks to the usual formula of “hey players, here’s a new 10k/hat set that can only be found in the ToF” I physically couldn’t play. Also I had just managed to finish the Mission hat set right as this hat adventure started which just felt awful. Just another stack of slow saving up to do on top of all the other unfinished Exotic hat sets we all have. 10k black pearls takes weeks to gather so it really doesn’t help.

    They should really do hat adventures with existing hat sets; we don’t need new Exotic-tier hat sets every time, just use hat sets from the 4 other tiers that everyone has (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Magical) and it will be more enjoyable to participate. I highly doubt that any casual players have a few 10k saved up to buy some of the hats.

    I’ve said it before and I think it’s a good idea; we should get hat sales added to the game, where every so often some/all hat sets go on sale so that we can finish them off cheaper. Imagine for example, all Exotic hat sets go on a ½ week or 1 week sale for 30/40/50% off. It would still cost a lot but not a ridiculous amount as 10k. Just a simple QoL change that I’m sure no player wouldn’t not want.


    As of right now, I would need 855,000 black pearls to finish all remaining hat sets. I assume that sooner or later I’ll get some more of the 25K hats from the Tower of Misfortune, but don’t really ever expect to finish any of the 25K hat sets except by luck. Problem is every time I get one, it is for a set I have 0-1 of already, or it is one I already have so all I get is the pearls.


    Agree. They should stop introducing hat sets. I know some top players sit with fat BP banks and just wait event to finish (they even don’t bother collecting them from ToF). It’s totally not fair game. If Rovio wants to challenge game – stop introducing hats and make top players grow from feathers only. In such way lower-ranked players will have a chance to catch-up


    during the 10k hat adventures i’ve managed to collect only 2-4 hats, apart from the first 3 that took place where I brought the missing ones… but now these things are so regular, I don’t have a chance to buying them all, so I’ve given up and am saving for the hats worth 25k as (hopefully) no more of those sets will be introduced anytime soon. Today I just completed my first 25k set with help from the BP party.

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