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  • I’m a fairly new player, only a level 204.  I have a question.  At lvl 175 the story mode completed. I get all of my materials from missions and there’s really only about 3 transformers that are needed, 2 for challenge runs and then a 3rd for spark runs. Is there anything left to do in this game for me to keep leveling? I didn’t pay for Jenga or the Jungle run and it seems there’s not much left to do except for leveling a few transformers. Am I wrong?  I do like the challenge runs but all those seem to be for is tokens to again, lvl a transformer or 2.

    It’s an enjoyable game, I’m just wondering if there’s something else I’m missing since the story mode is done.


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  • moi

    Hi, @vino ,
    at first welcome to this forum. I think it is a natural question for many players to ask what their goal should be. I also have struggled with this question after playing for some time. See also this topic from a few years ago.

    Maybe you can find some new goals for yourself in this topic, but whatever you do, I advise you NOT  to waste money, but simply have some patience.  (Of course you’re free to make your own decision).

    Btw, what do you mean with “story mode completed”? Does that mean that you’ve unlocked all areas (except the Jungle)?


    I have all but the newest Transformer, which I’ll get as soon as it’s available, and I have all of the areas  unlocked.

    The only things I really do in the game now, are the live daily competitions, and the Spire.

    I activated the Jungle area, but kind of wish I hadn’t. If I’d have waited and read what everyone was saying about it, I’d have just left it locked and kept the gems for use when the Eggspark was active.


    @vino: the basic is to level up every bot, somebody here is at level 1600 or more, every bot can be overpowered up to level 25, multiply for 78 bots = maximum level is 1950 and continue to raise…


    up to level 15 you need money and parts, from 16 to 25 only legendary gold crates


    you can take gold crates in 3 ways:

    spent 1800 gems, too expensive for me, but is easy of course

    spent 7500 tokens once a week, quite easy with a little of tactic, like choose the best bot per squad and promote only it with sparks

    reach the energon league in the challenge run once a week, quite difficult, especially the last 2 days, you need well equipped devastator or superion…

    this mean 210% of promotion, so a lot of sparks

    for sparks  buy them only when there is the promotion of 75000 for 1500 gems, don’t waste gems for anything else. make every spark run and try to win every day, up to level 300, the maximum, again you need 5 well equipped bots, others sparks to spent

    try to gain some gems sparks and tokens also buying 10 steel crates for 150000$, in the lab, in the spire, in the 3 missions

    try to manage at best the resources… for example never fill up the silo, always use the parts in the lab, you gain much more. or don’t buy 10 steel crates for 3000 tokens but buy 300000$ with 3000t and then buy 20 steel crates in the shop


    Hi @moifirst, thank you.  Yeah, that’s what I mean by the “story mode.”  When I hit 175 it disappeared and I thought it was a bug.  Story mode is what their Customer Support called it, so.

    No, I definitely won’t be dropping any $ on this.  Just after the “story mode” disappeared I wasn’t sure what the main “goals” were in this game.  I mean, level up our transformers but “for what?”  Aside from the challenge events and spark runs.

    But it seems that maybe that’s sort of where it ends unless players just enjoy leveling up, which is fine also.  When I looked up the release date for this game, Sept 25, 2014, I thought they might have added guilds or some kind of player interaction aside from the challenges.

    Thanks for the link, I’ll give that a read.


    . thanks for the breakdown, I appreciate it. :) . Yeah, Superion is my main and usually promote him as much as possible, along with my 2nd.


    @davide There is a fourth way to earn a gold chest – occasionally I’ll get a popup option to watch a video ad and open one. I’ve always taken it; I managed to unlock Moonracer this way.

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