Game progress on Seasons lost due to Facebook issues.

  • Does anyone know if progress lost due to Facebook issues can be recovered?


    I recently tried logging into Facebook after quite some time being logged out. I was met with an error message. Had I left it there I would probably have been alright but when I went back to seasons home page I was given option to log in as guest so I did and when I went back to game I found I was locked out of all levels from South Hamerica to Trick or Treat. Also birdwear was gone etc.


    I know quite a few of you have more knowledge about these things than I do so I just wondered if the data was retrievable or not. And what would happen if I uninstalled then reinstalled the game.

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  • HallieGinSB

    Hey @Briann I had the same problem with Seasons as you a couple of months ago and did the same thing you did with the same results. Since no one has responded to your post, I thought I would share my experience.

    I never was able to log back in to Facebook. What I ended up doing was buying enough coins from Rovio – they are still happy to sell coins for use in games they no longer support – at a cost of about $20 to unlock the locked levels on my tablet. At least my scores were still there once I unlocked them. So I still have all my scores on my tablet. They’ve just not backed up anywhere.

    Could you let me know if you found another solution?

    Brian N

    Hi @hallieginsb thanks for responding to my query. Not surprisingly Facebook didn’t reply and Rovio only said any progress is stored on device.

    I’m too tight to give Rovio money for coins so just started again from the beginning because I wanted to try and get the birdwear back by performing quests. Not sure if it’s possible or not, first time round I ran out of quests and had to do the various challenges associated with the Pig Challenge (which no longer exists.)

    Obviously scores can be bettered over time and as I’d planned to give Seasons a proper work over anyway wasn’t too bothered about that. Also I think the Nest is as good a place as any to keep scores intact. But I think the only longterm solution is to backup on pc. Apparently its relatively easy these days using apps like Titanium Backup.

    Anyhoo, hope you’re well and still flinging a few!

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