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  • hello again.I read a lot of these topics on here all the time and it seems to raise more questions so im going to ask them today to see if i can get answers. first question is ive been playing this game since ever since the 2nd angry birds came out and it just seems to me like my flock and my star level arent vary high. my flock has 6 birds level 6 and 1 level 7 and my star level is only a 37 that being said i play this game a lot much more then i should at times. i see all these topics about bird flocks reaching level 10 and waiting for next level i run into opponents in the arena the have a star level of 48 but flock is all 6 and 7’s and I refuse to cheat or let some hack into my phone. I watch all the ads to extra stuff but i just seem to behind everybody. the second question is i still dont get updates for new levels every 2 weeks like everybody else i get a update for 80 levels every 4 or 5 weeks. Im not sure what levels have bben released but i have beating all levels up to level 660 as of today. Maybe this is them picking me to be special and get 80 levels at 1 time or maybe my Iphone is just wierd ( its brand new by the way ) and if that is the case why do i get the 80 levels at one time do they want feed back or what ever. I also dont seem to get the DC all the time and when i do its stupid hard and i ussally have 80 days to beat it not 8 hours. I pretty sure my phone isnt messed up i unistalled and reinstalled dozons of times. not of it makes since i really cant make this up its mind blowing to me but i still chug on playing like always. any type of answers might help me.


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    1. Sadly, playing levels will get you so few feathers it’s sickening. The reason you don’t have very high bird levels is probably because you don’t play the Daily Challenges of arena very much.

    2. The only person who can help you with this is Rovio. If you don’t have the Hamalayas or Madagooscar levels, I suggest sending them a message.


    Your case is puzzling because it’s so weird and so off from what the rest of us experiences.
    That’s why all I can really do is shrug because you seem to be the only one having this kind of difference from the others.

    What do you mean by “stupid hard” DC’s, by the way? Do they have more than 7 waves? What do they look like, can you show some screenshots?
    80 days to clear it is likely a glitch… or it is a hint at a new feature: “Beat this mega hard level within 80 days and you’ll get something special!”
    I don’t know.

    Jon S

    Hi Doug,

    If you don’t have the imperial package yet (red with a crown, sceptre, robe and a trail when he is flung) I suggest purchasing it since it gives you 7 lives, 15-20% more gems when you complete your daily tasks, and 50% MORE feathers.

    The only way now to get a large amount of feathers in a very short amount of time is to win them in the arena. A full winning streak in the diamond league nabs you a total of 630 feathers (500 for the 7th streak plus you have a chance to get 150-250 feathers or a spell card(s) by opening 2 premium chests (streak 3 and 6)). Also every time you rank up your star rank, you can open a premium chest, which can give you a good amount of feathers.

    Back then when red gifts were a thing, I used to farm them consistently on level 9 as suggested on the forum…gave me 100 feathers each time which took a gruelling 3 weeks of monotonous runs to get my birds from azure (level 5) to diamond (level 8) which was the max back then. Red gifts are no more now and they Now brought the “elder” levels into the mix which gives people an unfair battle in the arena with low rank star player specials (all maxed out birds and all spell cards)

    The chests in the main campaign only give you 30 feathers at most if you’re past level 120. I just finished level 660 today (opened yesterday) and I find it cheap they’re awarding us such a low amount of feathers on hard levels and bosses.

    I’m currently at star rank 47 – 5 of my birds are at level 11 (elder gold) which leaves Terence and Blues stuck at elder silver (level 10)…now there’s elder azure, level 12.

    DC’s as of late are very hard (3,4,6 vs 2,3,5)…especially with the 6 level boss rooms they’ve been cranking out. DC rewards aren’t great…so the arena is really the best place to ramp up your star rank and max out your birds.

    As far as your game is…that’s strange. I get the 20 levels every 2 weeks, but I’m having the same issue with their AB Pop game. I don’t get 40 levels until I get their monthly update.


    If you don’t have the imperial package yet (red with a crown, sceptre, robe and a trail when he is flung) I suggest purchasing it

    Where can I do that, folks?


    “Where can I do that, folks?”

    Just enter your credit card number into the Play Store and click Purchase every time there’s an option to buy something. You’ll be max level in no time (until the max level is raised anyway).

    Its called ‘pay to win’ – you win the game and Rovio wins a chunk of your money, so everyone wins.

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