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  • Today I wanted to play against the golden pig to get my daily lucky coins. But every time I attack the Golden Pig the game crashes. I tried playing other levels and they are working perfectly. Every other aspect of the game is working good but only the Golden Clouds are making my game crash. I tried restarting the game, restarting my phone, deleting the game and reinstalling it. But nothing works.
    Am I the only one with this problem or is someone else dealing with this too?

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    Possible Solution

    Per GNC_Hunter below, it seems that uninstalling the app “Android System WebView” should fix this bug. This app (and issue) apply to Android 5.x devices.

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  • Mighty Red

    @mishatje I, personally, have never had such an issue. You should send a request to Rovio support about it.


    That’s exactly what I did but I was also wondering if someone else has the same problem.


    We suspect this is a device-specific issue. Can you tell us your device and OS version of Android?

    James Statzell

    I also am getting this issue.

    Samsung GS5 on android 5.0


    Happening to me too.
    LG G3


    Yeah sure. It’s on a Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop). It seems that more people with Lollipop have this problem.

    John Wittenberg

    Same thing for me. When the golden pig attacks the game crashes on my Note 3 with Lolipop 5.0, and a guy at work has the same issue with an S5 Sport also on Lolipop 5.0.

    However, the golden pig daily works fine on my Shield tablet Lolipop 5.01 (same account).


    @john-wittenberg-1 Kill the pig before it can attack so it won’t freeze. There are several ways to do it. Skulkers, Sea Dog and Wizard does the most damage, but a group like Samurai, Marksmen and Wizard which everyone should have will work too.

    Tomer Heber

    When the golden pig attacks me the game crashes. Started happening since yesterday. LG G3 Android 5.0 kernel 3.4.

    Angry Johnny

    Okay, so what we can conclude so far is that it seems like only Android devices is affected and those devices all have Android 5.0 (Lollipop) as an OS.

    The brand of the device is different from user to user so it is probably not a brand specific error but it can be a hardware specific error if they all have some common hardware.

    Not all Lollipop devices are affected though so it might be some combination of Lollipop and hardware that makes the game go bonkers.

    I myself play on a Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.4 and have not encountered the error.

    What is strange though is that everyone seems to be starting having problems just in the last couple of days which would indicate that it is some server issue. Maybe the balancing file that gets downloaded at startup is faulty for the golden pig somehow?

    What bird level are you all on in the game? Have you all leveled up to level 45?


    I am level 45 on Nexus 5 android 5.1 rooted, I have the same problem.


    The game crashes when the golden pig gets it’s turn on AT&T HTC One M8 Lollipop (5.02). Plays fine using blue stacks.


    If you’re at least 41/7 on your birds and have the golden chili pepper, you should be able to take out the golden pig before its turn.


    I’m level 45/10 on all my birds with the golden chilli and even using the strongest weapon sets (all level 45 sets) I’ve only knocked out the golden pig during the first round 3 times. Most of the time the first bird in the second round finishes the golden pig off.


    This team should be able to kill even the toughest Golden Cloud Pig before he attacks. Firstly, tie Sea Dog to Skulkers, then do a normal attack from Skulkers, finally feed the chili to Thunderbird. You’ll get 8 attacks in the first round.



    The simplest way to take out the golden pig in one round is with Marksmen, Wizard and either Samurai or Cannoneer. There is no need for any LC classes. You just need the Golden Chilli.

    Hit the pig with Marksmen and give the chilli to Wizard. If you need to, finish the golden pig off with a final attack from Samurai or Marksmen. The best weapons are those which cause critical damage.

    Yuri Yurson

    Same here. Samsung Galaxy S5+Lolipop. It started yesterday. Until then everything was OK. It’s weird since I don’t remember any updates which could cause such problem.


    Same problem here. Nexus 7 2013 + Android 5.1, When the golden pig attacks the game crashes to Android home page, also happens autorunning SRC for coins but not when manually doing SRC. Everything fine before friday morning.


    I have found the issue and the solution for this.

    The issue is the app “Android System WebView”.
    It is installed under Android 5.x.
    Deinstall it’s updates and you can Play again.

    Tested this on my xperia z2 and Nexus 7.

    Have fun in the game again. :)

    Best Regards


    Nice work Hunter, worked a treat.


    Thank you @gnchunter. Hopefully this is a universal fix for all Android users!


    I was about to suggest what @gnchunter said after just discovering the solution myself, however it seems I am 5 hours too late to be helpful and take the credit on this one :(

    At least I put the same solution on the Epic review screen on Google Play – hopefully people would be able to see it and follow the solution before having a moan that the game is broken and it’s all Rovio’s fault! In this case, it’s Google’s!

    Maybe free Golden Coins from Google to all affected users as an apology (i.e. all Epic players using Android Lollipop).

    Yuri Yurson

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!


    Thanks @gnchunter! It worked for me as well. Thank you very much for finding the solution :)


    I have same problem with Asus Memopad with 5.x, but it doesn’t happen on my T-Mobile version G3 with 5.0.1.
    I usually can avoid such problem with the following combo:
    Stone Guard
    Marksmen with crossbow set (attack the gold pig first)
    Usually the gold pig got defeated the first round before it counterattacks which cause the game freezing.
    However, this trick doesn’t work with Star Reef Castle (it crashes on second wave).

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