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  • Had a “you found a free rare chest, watch an ad to open it” pop up yesterday and have received one around 4-5pm since this last update. I watched the ad, but the ab2 app shut down and I never got my reward and I haven’t received one for today. Does anyone know if this is being phased out or is it a bug?

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  • Saphira

    I think it’s just a bug. I had that happen a couple of times, but usually it works fine.


    Yes bug I’d say – the connection to their servers seems especially flaky at the moment.


    It’s bug… oh, wait! There are no bugs in the game, so it must be some sort of experiment… /s



    You can try and contact Rovio,  go and back and forth at least 3 times with with costumer support, and if your lucky you might get your reward in about a week. I had a great experience dealing with them the first time, not so much last week though. Twice now in the past 4 months I made it to the top of the tower, and yes it cost me I know I’m a sucker, when they had an egg reward at the top and I did not receive it. First time I contacted them I had my reward in 2 days, last week when it happened I had to send 3 messages and had to keep explaining the issue, it took a week for them to correct. There are times, you can call me a fool, that I’m ok spending money to play even though they make the arena unfair, don’t give you extra birds when meter fills, birds don’t do any damage, oh I could go on. I tell myself, after all they  are the developers and have to earn a living right, I just wish they didn’t cheat while doing, afterall most player play fair and square, why is that too much to ask?


    Update: I finally had one pop up at around 10pm last night which is a lot later than usual. I also never received another free common chest yesterday if I watch a video. It showed up early this morning.

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