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  • So this event just started, last night i was second with 3-4000 points behind the first guy and with 2-3000 before the third. And I follow this steps:
    1. Leave the device down
    2. Wash my teeth ( very important :D )
    3. Go to sleep
    4. Wake up
    5. Make coffee
    6. Kill the golden pig
    7. See this person in the event with over 30.000 points in first place.

    So the time diference is like 6 hours. Last night he/she was not even in the leader board and now has that score. Little calculations show that you need 40 battles with 750 points from each to get the score and that is about 280 energy that regains for about 1120 hours…. UMMM LOL
    Yeah I know somebody will say “You can use energy potions” still its 280 energy, lets say 250 potions… who has that much specially so soon after the last event.
    screen shot of the leader board
    Screen shot of the leader board

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  • KerrAvon


    I have the same guy on my leaderboard.

    Pirates leaderboard image.PNG


    I have the same guy on my leaderboard as well. I wonder how many others are having the same issue.


    Same guy on my leader-board – and I don’t appear in any of the images above…


    Mine too! He actually made the jump from about 4k to 30k+ in 4 hours.


    Angry Johnny

    This topic should almost be renamed to “Is GG on your event board?” :-D


    Wow looks like we have a mega ghost this week!


    I don’t have that guy, however when I started there was already a guy with nearly 9k points


    Oh here is mine to. @mingkee27 is also have player Diamond


    Remark for the ghost discussion, the negative effect of ghost is negligible, sure!

    Addon: @rovionefuah do you need a clearer example of negative effect of your player allocation system, so far I counted 10 different players who have GG on there leaderboard. In “For the pirate king! event” and “New pirates event” topic’s


    I don’t have him. My first place guy only has 4000+ points. Should be an easy board this time.


    @renitz The Events leaderboards do not get formed in the same way as the Arena leaderboards. We have had a discussion on this in the past. In the Events I think you essentially have your own leaderboard. The other players on your leaderboard don’t necessarily have you on their leaderboard. In contrast, the Arena leaderboards are described as fully synchronous – 15 people share a single leaderboard. The exception to this, as we have discovered, are the ghosts.

    I don’t know how the other players are selected. Maybe they are chosen at random from those who were logged in at the time. But we don’t know this. I started playing near the beginning of the event. If others on your leaderboard are chosen from those logged in at that time, then it is likely that those who started playing at the beginning are more likely to be on each others leaderboard. That’s all I can come up with.


    Yeah I know somebody will say “You can use energy potions” still its 280 energy, lets say 250 potions… who has that much specially so soon after the last event.

    The guy is likely a cheater, but I’ll say that I started this event with 380 stamina drinks. I got most of them through the Christmas event glitch.


    @kerravon Ha ok, anyhow both allocation systems, event or arena, are rubbish.


    @renitz I had assumed that setting up of our leaderboards was time related, since both myself and the person who started this thread were logged in at the beginning.

    But really, there are simply too many people with GG on their leaderboard. There must be some other explanation.


    @kerravon I think we will never know.
    Honestly I am getting sick and tired of this game.
    Tried the arena again after few weeks break and noticed the clear opponents manipulation they are doing now, ok more evenly matched opponents sure no problem, but constantly the same ones, much quicker then before, really sucks the fun out of playing. So stopped again. Now again something wrong in an event. Every time there are issues,bugs etc. it’s not occasionally anymore. 5 star game has become 1 star at best.

    So keep playing for what, maybe 2 new caves per year, an event with new headgear a year (if they are going to do that again). No, time for me to put this game in a coffin and let it rest in peace.


    Yup. GG is on my leaderboard too. Second Place is 20K.

    1st place. GG 30,875.


    GG is on my leaderboard as well, score 30,875.

    That’s an impressive second place score, too — I am second place at only 6410…

    Leaderboard is doing weird things, I am alone on it at the moment, showing first (obviously). Oops, now after fighting a battle the leaderboard is back with same names, and GG at the top with 30,875…



    Howdy, howdy! Mine too! It’s the “GG Show”, folks! Didn’t you know???


    @trappernorth — You make 19.


    He’s on mine to with around 11,000.
    1st is a guy named alexandr with 11800.
    I’m around 4,000…


    @musicoftheapes — That’s where I saw him at 0400 my time this morning before he jumped, it’s 1330 for me now. He should show just over 30,000.


    I have GG on my leaderboard as well. 30,875 points. I thought to myself at first “well, if you have everything in terms of sets, all the kettles, golden chilis etc., what else is there to spend your lucky coins on.”

    At least the rewards for this event are so lame that it’s not really worth getting upset that 1st place is occupied.


    I didn’t know that the event had even started. I just checked right now, and while I’m #15 with zero points, lo and behold there’s GG sitting at #1 with 30,875 points.


    @whiteasice But the good news is that you haven’t invested a lot of time trying to be #1. :-)

    Doc Mayank

    It is possible to use the potions to get the points. I had over 700 potions before the christmas event started, due to getting reset like 4 times I went down to about 300. I’m at around 500 now.
    It’s totally possible, I doubt he’s cheating. The crappy side of this is that he’s on that many people’s boards, which means at least 10 people aren’t getting their 3 stars while they could have.

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