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  • TomT

    @partshade Well…… just an idea. I mean, they put in Moby Dick island. I just thought they could have some more movie-themed islands

    They already have Star Wars, maybe they can look into X-men, but then that would be a lot of royalties Rovio needs to pay to Stan Lee…..


    @tomt Not saying it’s bad, just saying that most people hate the birds movie designs (Which I’m personally fine with). :P

    Does sound like a nice idea, but X-men might be a bit too far.


    Problems like not loading on occasions like right now?

    Mechanic Pig

    @tomt It’s Golden Island or Bird Island!


    Check the news section of the app, they’ve already revealed it. ;)


    Hi all, just joined the forums.

    Didn’t know about the rumors but i’m glad to hear the good news. Search for the new island release date led me here and @netto-jm post compelled me to write, specifically:

    something that bother me is that I’m yet the most unlucky player in slots, it’s hard to get best Itens, only Labs, boat and WS Itens (not the new WS Itens, the old ones) is what I get, sad story….

    I wrote on the topic in pokemon tcg about not getting good pulls and according to responses my tip worked. Tip: Slot is based on rng-(Random number generator) which generates random numbers based on certain parameters-calculations (usually current time is used and then put trough additional calculations), the number which comes as a result determines what items you get. Now, i have noticed (and used it in every rng based events in games for years now) is that if you just click to pull consecutively you usually have much lower chances to pull something good OPPOSED to waiting a random amount of time between clicks. Example: I gather 20 gems and instead of clicking to pull right away i wait between 10-60 seconds, then i click to pull, wait another 10-60 seconds then click to show the next item and so on. Got pretty good items this way (not just for ABF but for every game i played where rng-s are involved). Note: Still doesn’t guarantee anything, but greatly improves the odds of getting a different, even rare item pulls. Pokemon tcg players said they’ve noticed improvements, one guy said that b4 that, he got just regular cards and rare pulls were, well, rare :-), but since he started using the tip, he had a rare pull almost each second booster pack. Hope you understood me lol, and hope this will help with your luck @netto-jm, others as well. Note: 10-60 seconds was an example, you can wait even 5 minutes, just try to keep the timing of clicks as random as possible, the player i mentioned said he used to watch movies and every time ads came up he would click or he would sometimes get impatient and click to open right away, i suggest maybe look out the window and click when you see a bird pass by (angry bird ;-)). Sorry for the long post and hope i’ve helped.



    Geees, that’s a long speech.

    Anyways, to sum up, I believe that it’s completely random, and pretty much luck-based.

    I once got both the Artist Mustache and Rockstar Glasses in one try. Now my Rockstar Glasses is 4-star.

    Although some programmers argue that nothing is completely random, even when you use the random function in coding, there is still some kind of pattern, but, for the sake of this game, let’s just blame everything on randomness and luck.



    I agree that it’s random, but luck based…that’s a different story. Anyways like i wrote, doesn’t guarantee anything, but it greatly (in my experience, and other players that tried) increases chances of obtaining good items. Plus, nothing to lose by trying it out. I myself use a random autoclick script i wrote (added many loops just to make sure it’s as random as can be with a pseudo rng) but who doesn’t know how to make one can just use other random events to determine when to click, like the birds flying by example, or there are random autoclickers on the net.

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