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  • Use this forum to post some of your favorite bird combinations and strategies. That way people get ideas of things that perhaps they haven’t tried before, helping them beat some of the tough battles.

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  • robclark89

    Some of my favorite are:

    Paladin, Lightning Bird and Captain.
    The Captain’s ‘Whip up’ move is awesome when you use it on the paladin. Then use Lightning Bird to make the Paladin attack twice, and that deals out a lot of damage without needing to stop and heal your birds.

    Knight, Cannoneer, Princess
    This combo is effective against one big bad enemy. Princess and knight will both make the enemy attack Red. Use cannoneer to decrease the enemy attack power by 20%. Putting the shield on Red will decrease the damage taken by 55%, bringing it to a total of 75% less damage. With the steel force set, that is an extra 10%, so 85% less damage total. Princess easily heals Red with that much damage saved.


    My go to trio is:


    IMO, the most versatile combo. Puts out a lot of damage to multiple pigs, can clense when needed, and provides plenty of healing. Especially great when chuck has the time legendary set that gives an extra turn. If rainbird healing and paladin heals doesn’t keep up, usually a chili fed to chuck will top it up because it lets paladin attack three times in a turn, giving plenty of healing. And if its really bad, you can even use Blue Spies for a little extra healing as well. Put blues healing on a bird and then feed chili to chuck to guarantee 100% on a bird.

    I’ll trade out Spies with Sea Dog when I go against a single enemy/boss for lots of damage output.

    Zeke Kaiser

    I pretty much use the same as RPBThree.

    Paladin + Rainbird + Whatever is most useful for the situation.

    As for the set to use for Chuck.
    I prefer the Twin Lightning set to the Time Jump set, and this is why:

    For healing:
    TL set has +23% hp, so cures are 23% more powerful vs a 10% chance at an extra heal with TJ.

    For attacking:
    TL has 60% chance for 50% bonus damage vs +8% attack and 10% at an extra attack.

    On average, TL set will do more damage and more healing. TJ will have the occasional spikes, but in the long run will lose.

    Regardless, I agree with you that Rainbird is the best healer. Especially due to cleanse.


    My Favorite two are Rainbird , Druid and Paladin and Rainbird , Paladin and Cannoneer
    One is for DOT damage and one is an Attack/Heal type team ( Since Red and Bomb , who has the Roshambo set , have Heal attack moves and Chuck is using the Chrono Set )


    I typically use Paladin, Druid, and Tricksters – two healers and a “dispel harmful effects” bird. In Dungeons, I replace Druid with Piggy McCool. My combo is a little more varied in levels with ninjas or Prince Porky.

    I recently unlocked Chronicle Caves (I’m still in Cave 1), and my preferred combo for those levels are Paladin, Druid, and Adventurer Pig/Pigiana Jones. So far I’ve only changed my lineup once – I swapped Paladin for Samurai.


    My cave setup is Paladin, Princess, Pigiana.
    Princess attacks once to make the enemies target the bird with the most health. Paladin casts protect on that bird, and Pigiana casts counter on the Paladin. This means that every attack hits the Paladin with 20% reduced damage, and the Paladin counters at 100%, healing himself for most or all of that damage. Princess can provide more healing if needed.This strategy works really well in levels with big numbers of enemies that have moderate to high health. For bosses, skip the protect and counter stuff and just attack (and use princess for healing as needed).

    Another setup I found very useful at early levels is Rogues, Cannoneer and Princess (or Druid if you don’t have her yet).
    Rogues use their cupcake trap skill on Cannoneer, who uses his counter on himself. White is used for healing. The strategy works well when your weapons don’t to enough damage and you don’t yet have the resources to craft better ones. You basically use the enemies’ strength against them. If you use the princess, take care to not taunt the enemies to attack a different bird than the one with the cupcake trap.


    My setup for group attacks is Paladin-Princess-Archmage. Attack with Princess first and it will make all enemies attack the paladin. Then shield paladin and use archmage’s shock shield on paladin. (With my birds no sets)- All enemies attacking red receive 453 damage. I then attack with red first to heal him then archmage deals 333 to all enemies then attack with princess or heal red if needed. Just make sure red has more life when you attack with princess to make sure red is their target. I use this setup on King Pig’s castle and get 600+ exp points with rested bonus. If you get Wizpig in the last battle to die from attacking red with shock shield on he will reappear in the next wave with very low power and easy to kill again for an easy extra 100 exp points.

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