Easiest vs. hardest to kill swine?

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  • In my version, excluding the bosses, regular medium pigs are the easiest to pop, whilst the hardest are the miner pigs. Yours?

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    Not including bosses, Minion, Helmet, Golden are Fireman Pigs, mine are:

    Snowball Pig (Easiest)
    Balloon Pig
    Rocket Pig
    Chemist Pig
    Construction Pig
    Magician Pig
    Miner Pig
    Umbrella Pig (Hardest)

    Yes I have a harder time beating Umbrella Pigs than Miner Pigs. At least Miner Pigs have work arounds but those little floaters are impossible.


    The hardest are
    1. Small pigs or rocket pigs which survive in an almost unreachable area
    2. Pigs which survive far away where only Chuck can reach them.
    (1. and 2. – you’ve lost when you don’t have the right birds left)
    3. that f*ckin balloon pig which always costs an exra bird. You have to hit it before it blows up the balloon


    The Teleporter Pigs make me want to throw stuff. They’ve helped me create new cuss words. They are minions straight from the throne room of Hell. The Umbrella Pig and Parachute Pig are lower level demons. They are pure pond scum.


    Teleporter is the hardest by far. Yes sometimes you get lucky and he teleports himself into death, but other times you cant event get to him with the first bird, then he teleports on bird #2, teleports again on bird #3 and finally you kill him with bird #4.

    Angry Beaver

    Magician (teleport-) pig is easy to kill with Mathilda, Just drop egg to the pig’s head and ‘kaboom’ no more pig. Second best is Silver. Secret is that this bacon teleports only if you aim straight him.

    Mechanic Pig

    Hardest ones
    Minion Pigs 1 (easy)
    Helmet Pig (easy) 3
    Rocket Pig 3 (easy)
    Construction Pig 5 (easy)
    Umbrella Pig 7 (medium)
    Shooting Pig 12 (hard)
    Parachute Pig 25 (extreme)

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Easiest vs. hardest to kill swine?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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