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  • Hey guys, I have been running Pig Prison for awhile and trying to level and get snotlings for mastery. I want to be able to move to SRC as soon as I can so I won’t have to micromanage as much. I am lvl 17 now and slowly leveling and most birds are low mastery. What I am asking is what is the easiest set of birds to do SRC with? So I can work on trying to master those ones first and every other day or so, try that set to see if I can Auto SRC and eventually move there.

    Thanks for all the help!

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  • Angry Johnny

    It really depends on what Set Items you also have but Paladin (Red), Wizard (Chuck) and Skulkers (Blues) works 100% of the times for me. Although they are also all 8 and 9 in Mastery level.


    Can it be done without any set items? As I have none, lol

    Angry Johnny

    It can but the success rate will most likely be lower, like maybe 1 out of 5 times will be a fully successful run where you beat Whizpig. Although the best way to know is to try, if one combination does not work try another.


    My quickest team is Wizard, Cap’n, and Spies


    What is SRC?


    Star Reef Castle? Searched forums quite a while and found someone suggesting this place for farming snoutlings.


    @rpbthree Yep, Star Reef Castle (aka SRC) is the best place to farm snoutlings because Wizpig drops a ton* every time you kill him, and because it’s fairly easy to set up a team that can complete it on auto-play.

    * Up to level 20, Wizpig drops 40 snoutlings; level 21 and above, he drops 100.


    I agree with @burbman, Wizard, Cap’n and Spies are a great, quick team and autoplay-able team for SRC, especially if your items aren’t that great.

    I have pretty much given up on Red on auto-play because with any of his classes, if you haven’t defeated wave 4 by the second round, he spends all his time blocking, giving the remaining birds a pretty hard time finishing the undead before they revive. And once the siren and/or necromancer start spawning ghosts/zombies, you’re pretty much done if you have only two attacking birds.


    At SRC I auto-played Paladin, Pirate, and Wizard from level 7 to nearly level 10 for all three. It’s been pretty effective, since level 9 I hardly ever lose a battle, and I didn’t lose many before that either. Note that they do all have weapon/armor sets.

    And yeah, they could make some easy changes to the AI to make it so much better. Like if you’re about to win, attack instead of using a defensive power. If you’re going to always make sure that Pirate powers everyone up, cast powerup at the beginning of the team’s turn — casting it after all the other birds have gone is just wasting a turn.


    How does a team of Wizard/Cap’n/Spies manage to stay alive? Spies can somewhat keep me alive to barely wave 4, then I get killed pretty easily, and that’s with the video bonus.


    I wasn’t able to start auto-playing and winning SRC until level 25+. Having Matilda in there as a healer was vastly important at that time for me at least.

    Right now i’m auto-playing SRC with Paladin, Wizard, Tricksters to get their mastery up.


    I can typically get to wave 5, but then I obviously die there. It isn’t worth doing unless you can beat it right? Pig Prison is probably still better before then


    My only reason to play SRC is for the guaranteed 100 if you defeat Wizpig at the end. If I just wanted to farm mastery, I’d play other castles & dungeons.


    tbh, I think it is too early for you to be able to auto SRC. That being said, I currently use this build:



    @lidralyn — If your primary goal is mastery, then playing SRC through wave 4 is pretty good. See @Dr_Ishmael’s charts in the mastery thread. Cobalt Pig’s Castle through wave 4 might be easier and will give you the same. King Pig’s Castle will give you more through wave 4, but is probably too hard at your level.
    It’s hard for me to give you advice on which birds to use, because I’m level 41 and most of my birds are level 8 & 9. I have been using the castles SRC,CPC, and KPC to level up whatever set is my highest priority. Most sets work pretty well at my level, as long as you have at least 1 healer. Since I don’t need more snoutlings ATM, it is a waste of time for me to play any of the 5th waves. It would probably be worthwhile for me to play the 5th wave in KPC, but that definitely only works for some sets.


    Well I guess mainly I am looking for snotlings, but I need those FOR mastery, so mastery is good, plus I need a lot of xp too. I need the whole package lol. I just wanted to move onto SRC as soon as possible because it’s less micromanagement than Pig Prison while I am working.


    Anybody aware of a good SRC auto-play trio which includes Samurai? Need to get him from level 8 to 10.


    have been farming SRC to level up different birds and have noticed the following which may be helpful.

    -need dispel with at least one bird if not 2
    -I check the gauge at the beginning board and when my combo has been left of center yellow it usually makes it through-center and towards the skull/red inconsistent
    -you can win with a bird combo with same headgear and a change in weapon or offhand item can cause you to go from winning auto play consistently to losing auto play so if you were winning and suddenly start losing ck ur weapons-sometimes forgot to change back after GP


    Samurai + Priestess + Marksmen also served me well autoplaying all of SRC. I stopped once I got them all to level 9 so that I could work on my other birds.

    Now using the suggestion from @crumpledstori, Rainbird + Druid + Tricksters, and it’s been working very well.

    This in addition to my original Paladin + Wizard + Pirate, which was my most effective combo.

    Anybody got any others that work well, especially using birds I haven’t listed yet?

    Recap so far:
    Paladin + Wizard + Pirate
    Paladin + Wizard + Sea Dog (Razorblade @razorblade)
    Paladin + Wizard + Skulkers (Angry Johnny @angryjohnny)
    Paladin + Captain + Skulkers (KillerKea @killerkea)
    Paladin + Captain + Tricksters (LottieAbe @czcalvert)
    Samurai + Priestess + Marksmen
    Knight + Thunderbird (w/ Phoenix set) + Cleric
    Mage + Captain + Spies (Best with healing weapons for Mage & Cap)
    Rainbird + Druid + Tricksters (CrumpledStorie @crumpledstori)
    Wizard + Bard + Sea Dog (Jim151 @jim151)
    Wizard + Bard + Tricksters (Wiz w/ healing item) (KerrAvon @kerravon)
    Wizard + Captain + Spies (Equip Wiz & Cap w/ healing items) (KerrAvon @kerravon)


    One combo that I’m using mainly to improve my Skulkers is Paladin, Captain and Skulkers. This works everytime and it is kind of nice to see my Paladin do 5200+ damage against WizPig when he uses an enhanced Heroic Strike and he isn’t even using a great weapon since the pig items I get can do more damage.


    I’ve spent a lot of time auto-playing with Paladin, Captain, and Tricksters. I love the dispelling abilities of Captain and Tricksters, plus the Blues are able to cleanse any nasty business they get hit with. Using both their supportive abilities on Paladin, then using his rage ability works to KO the Wizpig easily.

    I’ve also subbed both Wizard and Lightning Bird in for Captain at various times, depending on which class I was working up. Feeding Chuck the rage chili at the end (after making sure the Tricksters Cheer is in effect) can actually do more damage than feeding it to Red in this scenario (especially if using Wizard). Of course, I usually run this on auto-play, and I only step in at the last wave if I happen to notice it come up because I loathe the AI. It can be painfully stupid to watch sometimes.


    My go-to combo is Cleric Cap’n and whatever you want mastery for. I think I started with this combo when both were mastery 7 (Level 41). If I want to level up a Bomb, replace Cap’n with Tricksters. You can probably swap Cleric for Spies if you need to use another Matilda class. Bard & Druid work quite well. The others less so.


    Fastest for me on autoplay seems to be
    Paladin with Dragontooth set
    Wizard with RC Robot set
    Sea Dog with Golden Pistol set (for a few extra snoulings)
    all level 41


    I use SRC to farm snoutlings and mastery. My original set was paladin with dragons breath, Wizard with Phoenix feather and egg, and Sea Dog. Recently got Sea Dog so I’m trying to bring him up to snuff. Recently got palladin to mastery 10, so I replaced him with bard. You have to have some sort of healer. Wizard is about to go to 10, so I’ll replace him with mage. I’ve found you also have to have some version of Chuck, or the AI gets bogged down on the 4th wave.

    These sets work almost 100% of the time.


    And yeah, they could make some easy changes to the AI to make it so much better. Like if you’re about to win, attack instead of using a defensive power. If you’re going to always make sure that Pirate powers everyone up, cast powerup at the beginning of the team’s turn — casting it after all the other birds have gone is just wasting a turn.

    I have to laugh sometimes when I see how unbelievably stupid the AI is. In addition to those, using the rage chili when the last remaining enemy has but a handful of hit points left and any normal attack will kill him. using Sea Dog’s gang up after everybody had moved already, and the next round the target uses a passive ability. Matilda using a healing option when everyone is at full health…


    Anybody have a really good trio that includes Thunderbird? Preferably one without Paladin, Samurai, or Pirate, since I already have those at 10.

    Knight + Thunderbird + Cleric has probably been about 95% successful for me, it just doesn’t seem to go as quickly as other combos. And if I don’t use Thunderbird’s Phoenix set to revive him when he somehow manages to kill himself, the success rate probably drops to 50% — not worth the time. The plus side is the combo makes use of Knight and Cleric, since I never use either with any other auto-play combo.

    Also, anybody know of a good Guardian or Avenger combo? Guardian’s so weak, and it seems like Avenger would be difficult to auto-play, since he’s most effective when beaten up a bit but not on the brink of dying, and I can’t imagine the AI being able to walk that line.

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