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  • Another EC has cone to an end and my goal was to earned 1500 points so I could purchase a hat if they cost what they did last time. I understand they usually round up points, i believe that’s what happened to me the first time I played EC and currently I have a friend who earned over  800 points which were rounded up to a even 1000 points they could spend. I did reach my goal, barely, by yearning 1526 points, and you think they would round it up, actually I would be fine it they rounded down to an even 1500, but no, my 1526 was rounded down to only 1250? I just don’t get that math?

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  • SB311

    I completely agree. I had over 1900 points, but I did not get 1750 ME coins, I only received 1500. I have the breakdown of points for the different frames and I missed the 1750 coin mark by about 200 points. I have no idea where they came up with the points needed for each frame, but once again it’s the player feeling slighted. :(


    Yeah, same here, I got 1550, and was only ‘awarded’ 1250 like the OP!

    i guess if we aren’t paying power users, rovio cheats us out of actual earned.

    Typical of rovio of late.


    At the end I got 1.250 ME coins with both accounts, expecting it to enough for Roman Hat. Imagine my disappointment for seeing the price hike by Rovio. I’m one step closer to stop playing and I’m not buying hats from ME Shop any more.



    Yeah. The cut off for 1500 coins was around 1575 points. So frustrating. :(


    Coins are based on the frame you earn, not how many points you have, while related as the points increase your frame. You need to hit that “landmark” to the next frame for more points.

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