Does the legendary chest worths?

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  • Sorry I’m new to this game…..just asking

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  • desperados

    lol as long as you can easily get 1000 pearls from daily challenges,arena chests,free chests,rare chests..maybe only good for getting 7500 feathers but instead you can open 10 rare chest instead of 1 legendary chest.


    It’s not really worth it – only for the slim chance of getting x10 hats.

    But funny story, my girlfriend just said: “the legendary chest looks nice, can I push it?” “What? No!” “Too late…” “Whaaat???”
    Fortunately for her she got 3.500 feathers and not less or even worthless pearls.


    What if u get unlucky in the legendary chest?1500 feathers or less?


    You can get 2.000, 3.500 and 7.500 feathers – unlucky for me would be anything else than feathers at the moment. But 2.000 feathers are really not that much compared to a winning streak in the arena I get “for free”


    I’ve tried the legendary chest three times hoping to get a 10x hat or pearls and every time I only got 2000 feathers…definitely not worth the risk since you can win more than that with one seven streak at the arena. Now I try to keep my total amount of gems under 900 so I don’t accidentally open the stupid legendary chest by mistake lol


    The rare chests work just fine for me. I get around 3 every day. And every so often, I bump into gems. 200. Or even 1000. So now I’m sitting on about 4000, where as with the old chest(no gems or hats or pearls), I was on 34. So if you do fat finger the Legendary, keep getting Rares, and your gems will come back up.


    hehe jo-ha your girlfriend has said the truth(wish i had one too :P) i only liked the look of the chest and for rewards oh 900 gems and you get 500 pearls…it should’ve been 5000 pearls.


    You might get lucky with a legendary or even rare chest occasionally. Just remember, keep going and you will bleed gems in the end.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Does the legendary chest worths?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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