Do you guys actually sleep or something?

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  • I just finished Sci-Fi Day in ABS and I come here and … Nothing … Nada … Not even a news item. This is a first for me, finishing a level before ABN gets to it!

    Meanwhile, my thanks and best new year wishes to all at ABN and everyone who posts their helpful strategies. Without the Nest, these games would be nowhere near as enjoyable for me.

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  • sal9

    Your comment comes across as very rude @brandenburg5 Nice way to start the year!


    Membership here is a privilege. Watch your tone.

    Bird Watcher

    Why are you saying things like this @brandenburg5 ?
    ABN is really a nice site. Can’t understand anything of your words.


    @brandenburg5, I read your comment a little differnt from some of the others. I could be wrong but I hope not. I interpreted the comment as….the @admins actually do sleep sometimes. This was one of the very few occasions where they had not already posted a strategy and video almost before the level is even open. This never happens because they are so proficient at what they do.

    I personally am amazed with the speed that they develop perfect record and post so many strategies.

    My sincere thanks the all the @admins for a job well done. I know us users tend to only offer complaints and criticism. I just wanted to let you know that your hard work is greatly appreciated.



    My sincerest apologies. I did not mean to be rude or negative. I was trying to be sarcastic and obviously failed terribly. I thought my second paragraph made that clear, but obviously not. Again, I apologize to all of you who work very hard on this site.


    I agree with @wicket182 and don’t see anything mean or rude about it. I read it with a joking/playful tone to it. Maybe they were just still working off their hangovers from new years? :D


    @sal9 @AMSlimfordy @Birdleader @E-Star @SweetP @Kelani — I thought @Brandenberg5 was being ironic, and really meant it as a compliment. Brandenberg obviously lives in Europe or further east, so can get to the new levels before all the admins other than maybe E-Star are up.
    But since we’re on this subject, it’s probably time to remind all the @admins that we really do appreciate you and all the work you do. I know it sometimes seems that we are criticizing, but consider that impatience with the game can easily be mistaken for criticism.
    Have a Happy New Year, and give yourselves a couple of pats on the back and appreciative hugs from all of us.


    I read @brandenburg5 comment as playful joking. Perhaps without the 2nd paragraph it might have been sarcastic, but I didn’t think it rude or offensive. While I’ve only read a few comments of his on Walkthrough pages, none have ever seemed out of line.

Home Forums General Discussions Forum Do you guys actually sleep or something?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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