Do the people in your tournament change at random?

  • So all week I was playing with a group of people in the tournament, I was first in the tournament and then someone came along and beat my score, so I played for a few days trying to increase my score, all with the same people in the tournament. Then today I played 1 game and got enough of an increase in that level to beat that persons overall score. I came back out to the main page and now am 6th in the tournament, the other person in 7th, this all happened within 2 mins, now the person in 1st has 60k more than both of us.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Like do the players in your tournament change at random every time you play & not just every week?

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  • Rambleberry

    I can only tell you my experience. Yes, they do change sometimes. I know I changed leagues when I went from logging into FB, and then again when I disconnected. ABF changed my league.

    Others may have different reasons, but I know my experience is one reason. Not always fun for the other players, nor for the person that is being changed either. And yes, I have quite a bit more points than others in my league, I worked hard to keep upping them too.


    It has happened to me on multiple occasions. Up until 20 minutes ago I was first in my Diamond League with my nearly competition 23,000 points behind. I just increased my points on one level come back to check the leaderboard and I’m now in third place, 40,000 points behind the person in 1st. The two people now ahead on me weren’t in my league up until then.


    that explains what happened to me at 1:30 AM this morning. Was on leaderboard in 1st place by 19K. Tried 5th game again and found the perfect 1st shot, then cleanup ALL the rest with 2nd shot of WingMan/Power/KingSling, which increased my score there by 13K. Did that in 15 minutes. Back to leaderboard, expecting to see leading by 19K+13K just added. But… NO!!! Now in 3rd place. Checked to where 1 & 2 had gained and found they had passed me in 5 of the games!!! And would have been ahead of me in all 6, had i not increased 5th by the 13K.

    So… 2 players both did it? and all in the 15 minutes i was in 5th game? and their score has not changed from that instant increase for the last 14 hours at all?

    At the time i saw it happen and up to reading the prior post, i was sure they BOTH cheated to do it. Now i believe the game messed up and put 2 players into our tournament play from some other tournament. I cant say for sure, as i know they were never in the top 10 but i dont keep track of all in the tournament.

    Another reason i think the game messed up, is that it still says i am in 1st place on first screen.. the one that right now says “Your Rank: 1st 9 Hours Left”. Also when you go to the “Share Your Scores” , it also says “Kathy Rank? 1st”. (i typed Rank? because i really cant read that word Plus when you go to League Results, it says “League Rating 805(+100)”, even though i am actually 705 right now, but 1st place would make it +100 and end up as 805 starting next week.

    Sooooooooooooooooo….. glad i read your prior post, i feel better but still hope i get the credit for 1st place!


    Getting higher scores will also do it. Try this experiment. Play with no power ups on the first day, then use them and Wingman in the following days, and I bet you will be in a completely different room with higher scoring players.


    Long story short, I disconnected game from FB, went from Diamond league to Glass league, mid tournament. Not fun. Lost everything. Had to start from beginning, including rebuying coins, slings, powerups. Spent all night (thankfully I work from home) playing.

    I can guarantee when players in new league woke up, got off work, whatever, went online to play, they weren’t happy. I worked hard, flung and flung and worked all night to get into first place. I was over 130,000 points above 2nd place.

    Did I cheat. No. Did I bust my bucket to get into first place, after having gotten to Diamond and having it yanked away, you bet. It’s called practice, practice, practice. And saying a prayer sometimes for that lucky fling that no amount of trying will get it again. ;-)

    Am I thrilled that I’m back down in league. Uhm, no. (Wood league now.) Anything to be done about it, according to Rovio, connect back to FB. That is my only choice. So, no. Best way to deal with it, work hard, forget about anyone else and just fling, quake and keep playing.

    Sometimes it just is what it is. We go on. :-)


    See my posting just a few before this, then read this UPDATE answer they sent back…


    Currently the game works so that if a person is flagged as “possible cheater” (they get too high score on one level) they are hidden from other users but they will still see everyone. When another user is flagged, they will see both regular and flagged players. So the 2 users that received too high score on a level were flagged before you, which made them invisible for you until your score went over the limit. That is why these users seemed to “appear from nowhere”, as they had already been there for some time.
    Kind regards,
    xxxxx (i, PurpleMoon xxx’ed out name they put here)
    Rovio Support Team

    The above UPDATE was the reply from Rovio Support Team about my “appeared outa nowhere” concern. Their reply makes total sense and fits perfectly what i saw happen. BTW… I also got another letter stating that we all 3 were allowed to have the high scores as they miscalculated what a certain panel high score could be, and we didnt actually exceed the high score.


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