diamond league – 1 day im no1, next no5 and today 1 again…

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    i have strange question…. im in diamond league,which is full of some unbelievable and unbeatable scores…. but i do my best anyway. on monday when i started tournament i was no 7 in league with 1,202,000 points with amazing high scores above me, next day i look back and im surprisily no1 with the same score and all above me disappeared…, i made my score better 1 233 000 and was far higher than no2 ( 20 ooo difference) but at the evening i became no5 and all that unbelievable scores higher than me…. 100 000 better – unbeatable at all, and today im no1 again…. whats going on? they are banned for cheeting or what? will they appear again or im safe? now im diamond league they are only people without star or maximum with 1 inside the star, before was even one guy with no8 in the star…

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  • GrimmJow

    How can you be in Diamond League ?
    Season 2 begin since 5 weeks, the higher possible league is Platine…


    dont know how can i be but I AM and i mean weekly tournament screen


    I’m close to Diamond league too. Like you, some weeks I’ll be in first place and then towards the end of the week, I’ll look to see where I am and people have unbelievably high scores that no matter what I do I can’t get close.


    Currently the game works so that if a person is flagged as “possible cheater” (they get too high score on one level) they are hidden from other users but they will still see everyone. When another user is flagged, they will see both regular and flagged players. So the 2 users that received too high score on a level were flagged before you, which made them invisible for you until your score went over the limit. That is why these users seemed to “appear from nowhere”, as they had already been there for some time.
    Kind regards,
    xxxxx (i, PurpleMoon xxx’ed out name they put here)
    Rovio Support Team

    The above was the reply from Rovio Support Team about my “appeared outa nowhere” concern. Their reply makes total sense and fits perfectly what i saw happen. BTW… I also got another letter stating that we all 3 were allowed to have the high scores as they miscalculated what a certain panel high score could be, and we didnt actually exceed the high score.

    So in your case, it appears they were flagged and unflagged and i guess reflagged again.

    Are you safe? No, not until the proverbial “fat lady sings” (weekly tournament is over).

    Oh, BTW, watch the total number of players in your current league play, if there were 40 but change to less than that, then the “missing” are ones flagged.

    Someone with a 8 star. Well, heck just make your profile pic with a star number (if your good at photoshop) and you can be a 8 star player too… lol



    thanks purplemoon , completly full answer foir my question! kisses :)


    How can it be the person is first place has 100000 more than I do, not possible ….in the diamond league Rovio never weeds them out…..wrong just wrong

Home Forums Angry Birds Friends Forum diamond league – 1 day im no1, next no5 and today 1 again…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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