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  • I only play on one device, an iPhone 6s. I am logged in with my Rovio account. And this doesn’t happen TOO often – mainly just when I have a lot to lose, of course.

    But three times now, over the last few months, after I have played awhile and accomplished things – like today when I completed all my arena objectives and won the 5 upgrade shards. The next time I went to play the game, I got a message that my device had been synchronized and my progress from the last play session was erased. :(

    It sucks because I cannot always win all arena battles, let alone as many as were needed to complete all the objectives. And it took me quite some time.

    Last time it did it, was during an event – Easter I believe, and I backtracked and lost the Elite upgrade I had won!

    I am not sure there is a solution, but anyone have suggestions? Log out of my Rovio account every. single. time. I am done playing maybe? That would be annoying. Anyone?

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  • datguygamer

    You need to contact Rovio to restore your latest game progress. Epic does have a habit of doing what you experienced.


    I did that for the Easter event and it was several days later when I got a very politely worded email stating that they did not see that I had ever completed the event and gotten the Elite upgrade. It was simpler to replay my lost progress (which I had already done in the meantime before their reply).

    In an event like this with these shards, a few days later won’t help me so I am going to replay this also. Perhaps I will put in a ticket to make them aware, but by the time I do, *hopefully* I will have already replayed back to where I was (if I don’t lose three times).

    If there was only a way to prevent this from happening in the first place…


    I had a similar experience with AB Seasons and found Rovio to be really terrible in providing assistance. One of the things I lost was Mighty Eagle. One would think that would be a simple fix for Rovio, but it’s been something like 3 months and all I get from them is that I should contact Apple for a refund of my power-up purchases. Since the purchase was made 5 years ago, it’s not likely I’m going to get anywhere with Apple.


    @vintage – Wow! Yeah, that one really stinks!

    My progress – I just did manage to re-win the Arena battles and again win the 5 shards. Every time I am done playing, I have logged out of my Rovio account (to make the progress sync) and back in before quitting the game. We shall see if that is the answer.

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