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  • Hi Robio
    I am a Korean user playing Angry Bird 2.
    My clan leaders, who were the best clan in Korea, were blocked after only a few clanbattle without knowing why.
    We have e – mailed inquiries to you, but you have repeatedly told us that you can not just give out the reason without telling the reason.

    I’ve seen so many posts that I’ve come across this community by chance, and you know that if users use expedient or some bugs in the game, if they have a paid item payment history, you may have passed it or unblocked it.

    Shame on you. Rovio
    If you are running a game that ignore us because the number of Korean users is small and there is no payment history, you will never succeed in Korea even if you put out a classic game like LOL, OVERWatch, StarCraft.

    Our leaders time,which over 3 years have become trash because of your ridiculous manner of operation although they did not violate any TOS.

    I am so sick of seeing the sorrow of the leaders, so i write it.

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  • GioelloBlu

    This seems to happen a lot.  Innocent players get banned. If there is no payment history, Rovio won’t even respond.  They won’t respond to you either even though you’ve gotten screwed out of battle winnings by their banning of your leaders.  They are very happy to take your money but not willing to provide the services they advertise. My advice is to find a different game.

    You Gotta be Joshing me

    Find a different game? Mobile gaming as a whole is messed up nowadays. things were better before the iPad Air came, out ever since then, all the games have been filled to the brim with ads. My advice? Look for a mobile game with little to no ads, but if you want PVP, then start playing on PC/Console. I’m not saying all mobile games are bad, just the vast majority of them.


    Maybe Rovio does not seem to know that he is digging his own grave. Is the Finnish people all stupid?


    @maea, don’t generalize, please.


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