Daily Challenge – what's the verdict?

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  • There4IM

    I should be thankful that my iOS has never crashed after completing the daily challenge, but that’s only because AFTER 25 ATTEMPTS I HAVE YET TO COMPLETE THE DAILY CHALLENGE.

    I’ve gotten within 1 or 2 birds of completing, but having refused to spend a single gem again, Rovio’s “random” algorithms have deemed me not worthy.

    This is the greediest Rovio game yet, and I’m tempted to go cold turkey without it.


    I’ve had some moments of frustration while playing this game but nothing compares to how it feels to beat a 6 room Boss only to have the game crash. I’ve beaten the daily challenges 5 times and it’s crashed every time. But I can say that I really like the challenge of these daily challenges. I like the pressure of knowing if I mess up it’s back to square one. But I totally agree with your point concerning the randomness. If you don’t have the right combo of birds then you might as well be taking a leak into a headwind. Just like the arena, I’m currently retired from daily challenges. Maybe in a year or so Rovio will get some things straightened out then I can come out of retirement.


    These challenges are damn hard and not to win without extra birds.
    You also have to struggle with indestructible mini pigs and that [email protected] damn magic Bastards.


    Today the so-called challenge is a Gravity Grove level. Considering I haven’t even made it to this world yet- and believe it or not, actually got to the 3rd phase- but then saw that there’s 6 rooms PLUS a boss pig to defeat, magic wand pigs and the first room alone takes me 4 – 5 birds to clear it since I have no idea what I’m doing…. after about 25 tries or so of just flinging birds around hoping for something to happen, I gave up.

    Definitely NOT my idea of ‘fun’. But I am enjoying this feeling of not caring about even WANTing to play this game anymore, since this is how I feel after each AB2 experience these days. I guess I’m finally on the path of just burning out, so hopefully the next step is putting it down for good and just using my time more constructively on other things.


    @djlarryt Yeah, 6-room boss levels are kind of ridiculous, since we’re not even given those on the regular levels! The most I’ve seen so far are five levels, and the most recent one (540) with five was tough. I did not win the daily challenge yesterday and today’s looking like a bust as well, given it’s Gravity Grove with six rooms on the boss level and plenty of indestructible micro pigs impervious to even Bomb’s might–that is if Bomb can even reach them across the screen. Kind of dumb to build frustration in users rather than a sense of achievement. (I should note that the challenges are probably much more attainable if you’re willing to spend the 60 gems to extend the game on the boss levels. That must be the point of the six rooms–money grab.)


    The one today, 4-10 has to be the best. Final stage second level is hilarious. They should just make sign that says” our company is broke, you are paying for extra birds if you want to win”. Don’t even bother with today’s challenge


    If any of you thinks that 6 rooms in boss level is very difficult. You must see what i found in today daily challenge. First two rooms is a normal one as always, but the boss level has 7 rooms. This is absolutely ridiculous. If 6 rooms boss level is too hard, what you gonna do with 7 rooms boss level

    For now, i would like to say Adios to daily challenge
    Thanks Rovio for another bad improvement in this game.

    Mighty Red

    @proteus I totally agree – 6-wave boss levels were bad enough, but 7-wave boss levels are beyond ridiculous. It makes it even more obvious that you’d end up spending more than you could win (if you were to buy a continue or a few). This daily challenge is just as big a fail as the AB GO! multiplayer where it was mandatory to use power-ups to finish first and you had to finish first 5 times to win just one power-up or a super low amount of coins or gems (thank goodness this multiplayer has been removed).

    In my opinion, we’re better off asking Rovio to remove the daily challenge rather than tweaking it for the better (which we all know is very unlikely to happen). I, for instance, am giving up on the daily challenges – I’m sure I won’t be able to complete them legitimately, so why waste time and battery life on them? I understand that Rovio’s greed level is increasing with every day, but this is starting to get ridiculous.

    Make sure the Rovio development team gets this message, @bankler. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    (Man, it felt good to let all this disappointment out.)


    Agreed- today’s challenge 2016-04-11 is beyond stupid. I noticed the mechanics are tweaked up as well, as in pigs/structures ridiculously robust and even bombs don’t take out pigs. I even hammered a TNT keg with 2 birds one right after the other and both of them bounced off it.

    Never even got past Wave 2 to even see wave 3… but there’s 7 levels PLUS a boss? Um, we only get 7 birds, are we supposed to “Strike” every single one of these immensely difficult screens?

    Rovio can cram this giant fail of a challenge where the sun don’t shine. This game has become nothing but outright player extortion.


    @mighty-red-1 – I feel the same way as you. When I saw the seven-room boss stage first time, I was like “You can’t be kidding me!” It was virtually impossible to beat.

    Before AB 2 easter failure, I can only remember its update’s description. Daily challenges are not meant for the faint-hearted. That text hit the nail on the head.


    If anything , they need to remove any of the Special Pigs from these Levels: Magician , Umbrella , Construction Pig and so on….


    The Teleporter turds are the worst. There are no words to describe the hatred I feel for those bastages. The Teleporter minions from Hell + 7 room Boss = Early Retirement. I love a good challenge but I’m not wasting my energy on the impossible. My hat goes off to anyone who beat this without spending money.


    That’s almost impossible without the extra birds. You are even good if you reach the boss level!
    All extra pigs are from hell, if you don’t hit that balloon pig while it’s still wearing its cap you’ll need at least one extra bird to get this bastard. The teleporter is often stupid enough to beam himself in the middle of the chaos.


    Today’s challenge was comparatively better, even with the six-room boss level. It’s doable, even when structures you can normally blow over with Red are unmoved, then you hit them with Chuck because the metal protecting the wood has fallen away, and Chuck barely makes a dent. Seriously, what is wrong with the physics in the game now? It’s like everything we learned up until now has flown out the window. That needs to be fixed.

    Speaking of which, @bankler, has anyone else noticed that, even at level eight, Matilda’s egg doesn’t do squat anymore? It barely affects anything. Her hurtling body does little nowadays too. It’s like, once you get your birds to level 8, they become less effective than when they were level three or four. But none is worse than Matilda. It’s screwed up.


    Thank you for saying that. I couldn’t wait to get my birds to level 8. I even spent more money than I should have. I had a vision that they would get more powerful. But they didn’t. I mentioned two months ago on here that they had gotten weaker. No one else commented so I chalked it up to me being wrong. I agree also with your comments about Chuck and Matilda. But my biggest problem is with Terrence. My level 8 Terrence could hit a twig and bounce backwards. I have a severe case of “buyers remorse”. I would absolutely love to go back to when my birds were a level 4 and save my money. Plus I had more fun matches in the arena then. Now I draw a 5 spell opponent over 80% of the time. It got so bad that I quit.


    @shoemacher There is no difference in strength between a level 1 bird and a level 8 bird. The only things that change when birds level up are score multipliers and destructometer multipliers. There are some random physics glitches happening sometimes, and they can indeed be frustrating, but they have nothing to do with the bird level.


    I managed to complete today’s daily challenge, but not without difficulties. I was in last level’s 5th room. After firing my last bird, one last little pig was about to fall of the screen, but game gave me failure screen a bit too early. Luckily I had enough gems to buy one set of extra cards to continue. And then I was able to beat the challenge first time.

    Speaking of rewards, no crash occured on iPad 3 running iOS 9.3.1.

    – One question, why the game gave me failure message too early, even though one small pig still moved?

    Vogel Birdson

    Since I posted a few days ago, I haven’t been able to finish a challenge since. It’s been too hard and I don’t have enough gems to play on.

    I refuse to be forced in to making purchases so will just keep hoping for a challenge that is achievable.


    Pretty much can’t be won without spells or gems or both. Too hard to be fun. Too expensive to make winning feel like a success.


    Still questioning the timer issue. I finally beat level 540 this evening and getting more lives as time passes, but the DC is already expired. I never even opened it to have a look. Would be fun to spend a little time trying to beat it now, or at least playing it. Time shouldn’t start until the DC is opened, not just the game. Or until time expires for the day.


    Verdict – it’s a play to win gig…I finally win & the game crashes. See ya later, on prizes, restart & then unable to play anymore Daily Challenge rounds (not a big deal…why play when the game doesn’t reward it’s prizes). Just another major detail that detracts from enjoyable game play.
    I have a fix it request into Rovio, I will report back when I hear back from them…keep sling’in!

    Oh and currently I am playing on a Galaxy Tab 4 with Android LOLLIPOP, rendering is too slow, Samsung is replacing my battery in S6…game play is the best on that device.


    I can’t even play DC during weekdays. I open up AB2 to do a round of arena in the morning and though I don’t touch the DC icon the timer starts ticking and when I get home from work DC has expired.


    Every day I try a few times to complete the DC, every day I fail.

    I am in awe and applaud anyone who finishes it without spending gems or using spell cards.


    I played the first day, spent coins no spells and did win. Being in the Diamond league the rewards are not worth the effort because some of them are feathers which are worthless being level 8 with all the birds. I can get to the last screen but run out of birds usually with 2-3 levels to the end.

    Presently, I do not even open the DC.

    What would be great is that when a player reaches level 8 with all the birds the game automatically cancels out any award of feathers in all aspects of the game and just substitutes gems instead for the same amount. Now that would be a reward worth playing for and even spending spells and gems to obtain.



    @wrw01 my birds are at level 8. The only rewards I get in the daily challenges are spells, no feathers.

    Feather rewards for opening the arena or in treasure boxes on the main map screen still exist, but that’s the only waste of rewards that I see at the moment. Even the daily treasure gift box no longer gives feathers, just spells and gems. Would be nice if they fixed this for all level 8 bird gifts, but as of now, from what I can tell, the daily challenge rewards are not at issue.

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