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  • Imitator (Health: 15000)- An example of a near-invincible enemy. Since the Imitator copies target birds, the Imitator has no level or mastery level.

    Mimic: Charge 2 turns-Copies target bird’s appearance, health, attack power, and abilities; lasts 3 turns.

    Health Drain: Charge 2 turns-Decreases maximum health of all birds by 40%; lasts 4 turns.

    Passive: Allied pigs will take on the same form as the Imitator for 2 turns after Mimic is used.

    The Imitator will look like a magician pig like the Necromancer or the Nature Pig but with a hat from Chuck’s Mage-Class. He will hold a Slingshot similar to the set-item the Blues can carry. If the Imitator has used Mimic, Health Drain cannot be used. Once the Imitator is in his regular pig form, he can use Health Drain. If he is attacked while mimicking a target bird and his mimicked health is lowered to 0, the Imitator will resume his original pig form; only then can he be attacked and killed.


    Stealth Ninja

    Smoke Bomb

    Deals X damage to target and half damage to all other birds. 15% chance to stun target for 1 turn.


    75% chance for an attack to miss.

    Passive: Into The Shadows

    Every 3 turns pig will disappear for 1 round. Pig will be invisible and cannot be damaged but can still attack the birds.


    Samurai Master

    Samurai Super Slash
    Deals X damage (high damage).20 % chance to deal 50 % additional damage.

    Protective Focus (passive)
    Takes 30 % less damage.Every attacker has a 10 % chance to miss him.

    Ignores damage more than Y.


    Bombman Pig

    Bang: Deals 150 damage to target and got 35% chances do deal citrical hit (charge 2 turns).

    Bombing Gong: Increases power of pigs by 45%.

    Bomb Assault: Increases own power by 5% by 1% lost health.

    King Chuck

    Zero Pig:
    No potions: When a potion is used, he eat it imediatly.
    Bomber revenge: When he is knnocked out he explode.
    Pig of death: When Zero Pig is knocked out he it’s transform in Pig of Death, with a new serie of abilyties:
    Death: an attack with damage 125.
    Zombie Maker: use a death bird with rage full
    Refuse to Die: he refuse to die 3 turns.


    Football Pig

    Ball Crush: Deals 135 damage to target.

    Heavy Training: Increases it power by 60%.

    Greatest Diet: Ignores damage less that 150.

    On my page can talk me from any other im mixed it.


    POOF!: Deals X damage

    Double POOF!!: Deals X damage (2 times stronger than Pigshooter)
    Gatling Pig: Charge: 3 turns. Deals 5X damage to 1 target, then 3X damage to another target

    King Chuck

    Zero Doctor:
    Aaaaaa…: deals 150 damage and stunt the target 3 turns.
    No chili: in every attack he block the rage chili.
    Calling a Shaman: it’s calling a Doc. Shaman when his healt is little to revive them.
    Doc. Shaman:
    Revive: revive the Zero Doctor.
    My tribe: he attract all damage.

    King Chuck

    Baby pig:
    Sob! Sob!: deals 150 damage and stunt 2 bird for 1 turn.
    Help me!: call Zero Team(Zero Pig and Zero Doctor, Doc. Shaman) and 5 rogues.
    I am a baby(passive): he can’t be hurt, but Sob! Sob! erase half of all health.

    King Chuck

    Asta la vista baby: Charge 3 turns: deals 258 damage to all enemies!
    Rage chilli for me: 1%rage chilli=3%attack points.
    Invincible cyborg: no damage 3 turns, when an attack over 150damage it’s activate by 1 bird.

    King Chuck

    1 attack point is 1 damage.


    Traitor (Boss version of Sword Spirit) 35730 HP

    Chaotic Storm-
    2 charge- deals 1050 damage to all enemies. All birds -30% AD

    Deadly backstab-
    2 charge- deals 790 damage. Target bird deals 90% less damage

    Dark Aura of The Pork
    All alies receive 50% less damage but also deals 65% less damage. This boost does not include Traitor.

    Spiky Richness
    Deals X damage (450 at lvl 25)

    Unstopable shield
    Receives 100% less damage (invincible) for 2 turns

    Pork Vader (Boss version of Dark Knight)

    Deals 100×5 damage. 5% chance to stun for 1 turn

    Dark force
    3 charge- deals 600 to all enemies. All enemies takes 120 damage for the next turn

    Angry Invader
    +50% AD


    Great ideas

    King Chuck

    Be a gentleman: Force all pigs and birds to attack most health bird.
    Prison Rogue: Send 5 rogues to block most health bird.
    My King: Call King Pig to defend Queen Pig.

    Defender Rogue:
    Thorn Shield: force all birds to attack him and reflect 50% of attack.
    ULTRA DEFENDER: all pigs receive 0 damage for 2 turns.
    Rogue with money(passive): att every attack drops 5 Lucky Coins.

    King Chuck

    Friendship Pig
    Let’s be friends: target pig don’t get any damage.
    Heart Explode: target bird is now in one Friendship Essence bubble and target bird do damage to himself and is getting all pig side harmful effects. After 3 turns the heart explode and bird get 567 damage and is stunned for 2 turns and rage abbility is blocked for 3 turns.
    Essence(passive): the pig drops 5 Friendship Essence.

    King Chuck

    The Clone:
    Cloning: Charge 2 turns: is copying the most powerful bird.
    Zombie bird: most powerful bird is transformed in zombie and attack the 2nd most powerful bird.
    The Imitation Game: at begining of every pig turn, The Imitator is coming.

    The Clone’s headgear it’s a cloud, an mirror it’s attached to cloud(the mirror has an white mustache). When Cloning is acctive can’t get any damage. When Cloning is active Zombie bird can’t be used because The Clone is cloning that bird and he can’t do that.


    Dark Golem

    Earth Smash
    Attacks a bird and stuns them with a 20% chance.

    Greater Defense
    Increases the def of ally pigs by 20%

    Reflective Rock (passive)
    Reflects back taken damage by 20%


    Night Sylph (bird)

    Sleeping Spirit
    Attacks a bird sleeping them with a 30% chance.Anyone attacking the sleeping bird will wake up the bird.

    Brings night to all birds doing X dmg. Sleeps birds with a 50% chance and steals a helpful effect with a 20% chance.

    Eternal Sleep
    Makes all sleeping effects last until the effect is done. Means that anyone who attacks a sleeping bird will not wake them up if using this skill. Lasts for 2 turns.

    Rogue Warrior (Health: 20,000)

    Bash: Deals 2 X 508; lowers attack power by 80% for 1 turn

    Sneaky: Charge 2 turns; grants an extra turn to all allies.

    Unstoppable (Passive): The Warrior heals 30% of its health every 3 turns.

    King Chuck

    Ninja Rogue
    Masked Sword: deals 4 x 250 damage. This damage is increased by 10% at 5% Rage Chilli filled.
    Dodge: dodge damage bigger then 150
    Like a Terminator: regain 150% of taken damage.

    Ronin Rogue( RR)
    Iron Power: deals 3 x 175 damage. This damage is increased by 3% at 4% Rage Chilli filled and clean Rage Chilli, but the damage is still increased.
    In a shadow: RR is in a shadow, but can attack, birds can’t attack him. Charge 3 turns.
    Ironclad: ignore damage bigger than 350

    King Chuck

    @crish15 Rogue Warrior is very strong.

    King Chuck

    Brute Rogue(Is a brute with Rogue’s mask and have a Iron Sword and Diamond Shield)
    Smash: Charge 3 : deals 3 x 399 damage.
    I’m the powerful: Charge 2 turns: force all pgs to attack the most powerfull target and call 3 Rogue Defender.
    Doc..: Call Doc. Shaman.


    Dark Vampire (bird)

    Attacks a bird and gets a critical hit with a % chance

    Attacks a bird an sleeps them with a % chance.

    Shields an ally and increases their def % and increases the chance of an atk attacking them to miss with a % chance.

    Running Blood
    Heals all allies if you get a critical or sleep a bird by 15%.

    Immortality (passive)
    Revives after X turns. Any normal attack won’t kill and you’ll heal if attacked by a normal atk. (crit, continuous dmg will kill the vampire)

    Kaos 5

    Sorcerer (Chuck wearing the Archmage class, Pheonix Feather, and Pheonix Egg)

    Techno Magic: Charge 2 turns, deals 130% AD, 25% of damage dealt to this target is applied to all other enemies. (Pretty much the same attack as the Illusionist class (And it looks the same)).

    Purifying Rain: Heals all allies(Including the Sorcerer) by 20% of the Sorcerer’s max health and a random ally will have all of it’s negative effects removed. (Same supportive ability that the Rainbird class has).

    Kaos 5

    I have a few more ideas,


    Diamond Pig (A Golden Pig Variant)

    Health: 13456

    (Note: This is supposed to be kinda OP because the golden pig was pretty strong but a diamond pig should be extremely powerful)

    Shining Slash: Deals X Damage(high damage), 65% chance to remove all positive effects from target and all pigs heal by 20% of the diamond pigs health for each positive effect purged.

    Blinded By The Light: Charge 2 turns: Deals X Damage(really high damage) Targets with a negative effect will miss all their attacks for 5 turns.

    To Shiny!(Passive): When the diamond pig dies, he has a 25% chance to revive(This can only happen once per battle).


    Mother of Diamond Pigs

    Health: 59876

    Illuminating Metal: Charge 3 turns: Deals X damage to all enemies(as much damage as the Demonic Wizpig), 30% chance for a target to deal 90% less damage for 5 turns.

    Diamond Shield: Will receive no damage and 90% of the incoming damage will be converted into damage for all enemies (Lasts 4 turns).

    Luminous(Passive): Mother of Diamond Pigs will receive 20% less damage from attacks.

    (Defeating this pig earns you 1234 snoutlings, 78 friendship essence, and 230 lucky coins)


    Magician Pig


    Abra Kadabra!: Deals 120% damage, target deals 90% damage to all birds after 2 turns.

    Magic Trick: Target immediately attacks a random target(with a 50% chance to perform a critical hit).

    Bunny Trick(Passive): The Magician Pig summons a Bunny Brute every 4 turns.


    Blue Ninja (Actually has a blue mask on)

    Health: 23765

    Karate: Charge 2 turns: Deals N Damage(high damage), 65% chance to remove helpful effects from target and deals 35% bonus damage for each helpful effect removed.

    Nin-Jitsu: Increases dealt and taken damage of all pigs by 25% (Lasts 4 turns).

    Passive: Dodge

    A few more: The 4 Holiday Pigs(All bosses that would all be in one level)


    Saint Patricks Day Pig

    (He looks the Saint Patricks Day Foreman Pig From the Saint Patricks Day sale but he holds a 4 leaf clover in his hand as a weapon)

    Four Leaf Strike(Not to be confused with the master ninja’s attack): Deals 140% AD, 65% chance to remove positive effects from target and heals by 20% health for each positive effect removed.

    Lucky!: Can’t be harmed by any damage, 50% of the incoming damage is converted into healing. (Lasts 2 turns)

    Me Lucky Charms!(Passive): Heals by 10% of health each turn for each ally standing.

    Witch(Halloween, Female Pig with a witch hat(not a pointy one))

    Dark Thrust: Deals 120% AD, Target has a 30% chance to miss for 3 turns.

    Dark Effect: Target attacks a second time dealing 50% damage for 3 turns.

    Undead(Passive)(2 turns)

    Love Pig(Elemental Pig, Valentines Day, wears a pink wizard’s hat with hearts on it, hold a white wand with heart on the top)

    Heart Storm: Deals 100% AD to all enemies, 35% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.

    Unbreakable Love: Target becomes immune to negative effects and reflects them back (Lasts 3 turns).

    Easter Mage (Shaman with a magician hat with a purple egg replacing the bow, holds a stick with a gold egg on it)

    Egg Magic: Deals 130% AD, Most hurt pig is healed by 30% of dealt damage.

    Egg Power: If target attacks, the Easter Mage immediately attacks the same target for 2 turns.

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