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  • This is kind of like SqueakyMcGee’s topic of designing your own bird where you can design headgears for Hal, Stella, Terence and Bubbles. I had an idea of designing your own pig, here are the rules. Pick any pig that hasn’t been introduced in Epic (Corporal is already introduced just saying). Design their weapons and headgears (if you want them to have), Design their attack, charge, passive ability, and the third passive ability (like the dodge, ironclad, etc).

    Here’s my pig.

    Cat Pig (You can rename it if you want)

    Sharp claws
    Does x damage has a 30% chance to remove 1 helpful effect and a 15% chance to attack again.

    Passive Ability (Charge)

    2 turns summons 2 minion pigs and weakens all bird’s attack by 25% for 2 turns.

    Nine Lives
    Revives if the Cat is killed. You’ll have to kill it 9 times.

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  • redbird

    I have a great idea!:

    El Porkador

    Super Singer:
    Charge:2 turns. Deals X damage to all enemies. 35% chance to stun all birds for 1 turn.

    Vibrant Voice:
    Charge:2 turns. All birds are 60% weaker for 4 turns. All pigs heal by 15% of their maximum health.

    Fat and Chunky:
    Ignores damage less than X.

    Let me know if you have some improvements for my pig!


    I think Vibrant Voice is too strong. 4 turns is too much. I think it should be reduced to 45% and 2 turns.

    Super Singer should make the birds attack him and he counters with his own attack, lasts 2 turns. The stunning should stun 1 or 2 random birds, lasts 1 turn.

    Fat and Chunky is ok the way it is.


    Corporal Pig (that from AB Toons with soldier helmet)
    Does X damage.

    The Weakest Source
    Charge: Two turns. Commands all pigs to attack bird with lowest health.

    Pig O’ War.
    Passive: Takes 50% less damage until all other pigs are gone.


    I’ve got a new idea!:


    Metallic Song:
    Charge: 3 turns. Deals X damage to target bird and X damage to all other birds.

    Robotic Revenge:
    If a bird attacks the target pig, all other birds are forced to attack the same pig. The target pig then counters with 65% attack power to all birds.

    Metal and Chunky:
    Ignores damage less than X



    Bloodsucking Bite
    Does 2x X damage and heals by 70% of the damage made. The attack has a 20% chance to steal a helpful effect

    Biting Bats (Charge 2 turns)
    Summons 2 bats and does 2x X damage to all enemies. All birds take +25 damage for 3 turns

    If a bird has taken more than X damage, the Vampire will automatically attack them and steals 20% health bird takes +10 damage


    Armored Pig

    Metal armor
    Does x damage and stuns a bird with a 50% chance for 2 rounds.

    Strong Defense
    All pigs take 70% less damage for 3 turns.

    All pigs take 30% less damage until armored pig dies.



    Iron Hit
    Does x damage with an iron hammer. Stuns a birds for 2 rounds with a 40% chance and birds takes +10% damage for 3 round.

    Iron Defense
    All pigs take 50% less damage for 5 turns.

    Iron Barrier
    Ignores damage greater than X. If health is down to X% the pig has a 40% chance to not take any damage


    Lava Pig

    Lava wave
    Attacks all enemies and gives them continuous damage for 4 turns.

    Molten lava
    All enemies take continuous damage for 3 turns (can not be cleansed)

    Hardened Lava
    All pigs take 40% damage for 3 turns. This ability gives the pigs a 35% chance to not take any damage at all

    Lava Rock
    Ignores damage less than X and greater than X



    Attack Potion
    All pigs have their damage increased by 55% lasts 3 turns.

    Healthy Potion
    Heals all pigs and they take X health for 3 turns.

    Explosion Potion (charge)
    Throws a potion that explodes and does fatal damage.

    Forbidden Ingredient (charge)
    Heals a pig by X, fully recovers the pigs HP with a 15% chance.


    Any one have any more ideas?

    Sir Falcon



    Health- 84300

    Attacks- Shards of death- Deals 5x 108 damage. Heals for 30% of dealt damage.

    Winter Frost- Charge 2 turns, deals 900 damage to all birds. All birds take 10% more damage for the next 3 turns.

    How is it? Good?


    Time Wizard

    Time Warp
    Deals X damage to target. 60% chance to gain a bonus turn.

    Time Freeze
    Deals X damage to all birds. 20% chance to stun all birds for 1 turn.

    Passive: A Friend From The Future
    15% chance per round for another Time Wizard to join the battle.

    His costume would be a purple wizard hat with a clock strapped to it and his wand would be a chronometer.


    @flying-falcon Sounds like a tough pig to fight I like it. I thought of adding a passive ability here it is :

    30% chance to make a bird miss.

    You can add it if you want or you can keep the pig the how it is.

    @partshade Great idea!


    Thanks @james1562! It took a lot of thinking! Your ideas are really good too!


    I think most of your ideas make up a really OP boss kinda pig..
    Let’s think of some grunts rather..


    Sumo Hog ( A ninja version of a Brute )

    Sumo Smash
    Charge 3 turns: Deals X damage to target and stuns target for 1 turn. Other birds receive half the damage and have their attack power lowered by 30%. ( Most brutes only have 1 attack )

    Passive: Dodge ( Since he is a ninja )


    @partshade The Sumo Smash has to be a charge (our birds would die) other than that it’s a great idea.


    Lol whoops it meant to be a charge. I just forgot to put it.


    Skeletal Pirate

    Sword Stab
    Attacks all enemies with a strong sword and gives them continuous damage for 3 turns.

    Strong Bones
    Takes 30% less damage for 3 turns

    Dirty Tricks
    Immune to Harmful effects.


    Rain Dancer ( Type Of Shaman )

    Deals X Damage to all birds. Birds take 15% more damage for 5 turns.

    Whirlpool Shield
    Target takes 100% less damage. Lasts 1 turn.

    Passive: Windling


    Robo Pig

    Electronic Blast
    Deals X damage to target. Target takes continuous damage for 3 turns.

    Robot Army
    Charge 2 turns. Summons 2 Robo Pigs

    Passive: Power Surge
    Birds attacking the pig receives 15% damage dealt. Also *BEEP* Attack set is disabled


    I’m thinking of a little ahead..

    Dark Pig (level 33)

    Dark Wave
    Deals 250 damage to all birds. 5% chance to Stun the target.

    Lock On
    Targets 1 bird for 3-turns. Targeted bird takes 10% more damage for 3-turns.

    All attacks are 30% stronger at night.

    Criminal Pig (level 33) (grunt)

    Deals 2×80 damage.

    Dirty Tricks
    Immune to harmful attacks.


    The Revival Ghost (health considerably high):

    Does x damage.

    Revive (2 turns)
    Revives dead pig ally.

    Passive: Revives 3 turns after being knocked out



    I had an idea kind of like that but mine was a Dark Warrior I will post it later.


    Dark Warrior

    Blow of Hate (charge)
    Attacks all enemies and they take +30 damage for 3 turns. Dark Sword is automatically activated if a birds health goes down to X.

    Dark Sword (charge)
    Attacks all enemies and stuns targeted bird for 2 turns gives all birds continuous damage for 3 turns.

    Warriors Return
    Revives a dead pig by 25% of their maximum health and the revived ally takes X more health for 3 turns.

    The Final Battle (automatic effect happens every 3 rounds)
    The Final Battle has begun! All birds take continuous damage for 4 turns and all ally pigs take X health for 3 turns and their resistance increases by 30%

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