New Arena: problems and suggestions for fixing

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  • Brandon Davis

    I agree. I made my way to the top league and now if I decide to skip a week and not play then I’m demoted and I assume the demotions continue?

    Wow. All the money spent and all.




    I (and a lot of others) feel your pain.

    But just for the record, from what Bankler has mentioned the head-to-head matchups _are_ actually as live as they can be (they will never be truly PvP — I don’t know how they would even do that…)

    The matchups use your opponents last run through the same set of rooms. So, you are essentially battling against their last score.

    So, it all comes down to opponent selection. How are they doing that? I’ve no idea. But it has been stated they are trying to refine the algorithm. Me, I’d take all the average scores from all opponents and match to my own average score, regardless of level. Because if someone is turning in similar scores overall, that should make for a good fight. But I don’t know if that sort of thing works into Rovio’s plan.

    As far as spells, many folks are miffed over that. I regularly lose 2-3 battles a day because I draw into worthless spells. One draw into a spell card is almost a guaranteed death sentence. The solution should be to simply disallow spells overall, as if an Arena battle were a boss level.

    The current algorithm is not a “cheating” computer opponent, at least not from what we have been told. Early in a weekly Arena run some battles might be from the Arena before (because they have no opponents to choose from), but once you are in the thick of it you are competing against actual runs of other players.

    In summary, you have good points, I think, but stuff (at this point) reduces to two issues:

    — Opponent selection: how is this done fairly.
    — Spells: need to get rid of the stupid things in Arena play.

    Additionally, the various leagues should be made to mean something, like higher daily feather rewards or greater gem rewards for scoring in the top half of the ladder. Otherwise there is really no incentive to stay out of the bottom three, IMO.

    That’s my take, anyway.



    Has anyone else noticed there are no gifts in levels 9 and 13 since the update? As for everything else – I only updated yesterday so I need time to play before I decide how I feel about it. Good luck, all!


    @maiasatara — I was wondering about the lack of gifts in 9, but finally got one. Guess I might start keeping statistics again.

Viewing 4 replies - 201 through 204 (of 204 total)
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