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  • As title, i have been playing for over a month with no problems, until yesterday when early in the evening i played for a while and all was fine,


    then i quit to play something else, came back later to set a boot camp score i loaded it up and the game froze / crashed to desk

    i started it back up and had to pay 60 gems to play again, even though it wasn’t my fault, i destroued 1 structure and it happened again

    mow today the game freezes / crashes to the point of having to hard reset after no more than about 30 seconds after logging in and i’m at the top of the boot camp leader board and now can’t post a score :(

    anybody else got this, or any fixes ?

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  • Janissary35680

    This was happening to me intermittently on my HP laptop (Windows 10). I could recover  sometimes by going to the app’s settings and clicking on “Terminate” sometimes by rebooting the machine; on one occasion about a month ago it got so bad I did a App settings/Reset. I don’t recommend this because you start all over again with a new account and have to get Rovio to find your old account and connect it to the new one, which can only be done if you log in and save your progress with Facebook. For about a month after that, everything was more or less OK but the day before yesterday the problem re-emerged. Nothing else  worked so I did a Reset. This time even the startup Tutorial screens crashed. I did a couple of Uninstall/Reinstall cycles and even a System Restore to a date when I knew the program worked. No joy. I repeated all this yesterday. Still no joy.

    I also play AB2 under a different account on an Android  tablet and have no issues there. (Touch wood.) So the problem in my case is the combination of an HP laptop and Win10.

    You might have a look at this:


    It didn’t work for me but apparently has for some.

    NOTE: If anyone from AYKUT KLAN sees this, the sad story above is the reason why I suddenly disappeared. Hope we won the tournament guys / AYKUT KLAN’dan birileri bunu görürlerse: Birdenbire ortalıktan kaybolmamın nedeni yukarıdaki üzücü hikayedir. Umarım turnuvayı kazandık arkadaşlar. — Janissary48400


    Well yesterday, it played almost fine, apart from the odd ctd


    but today it doesn’t seem to last more than a minute (usually less) before a ctd or a total freeze which i have to reset the pc, it doesn’t seem to matter wether i’m just on the home screen or opening a chest / on tof or actually flinging the first bird before it slows dramatically then crashes.


    totally ridiculess


    The other day it played fine for a couple of days, if i manually clicked save straight after logging in


    but since yesterday that doesn’t help as it ctd’s a few seconds after logging in and so i can’t play at all now.


    Make sure, there are no apps or windows open in the background.

    Before starting the game clear the browser cache.


    The browser cache is  set to clear automatically after it closes and there are no apps running in the background


    amd now it has started happening to the game on my win 10 tablet, which was working fine before, i have just had a windows feature update on it (21H1) today and come to think of it, it stated on my desktop after that update, so it might be a windows thing >_<


    Edit:I’ve found out that the game works fine offline but not when connected to the internet, i’ve tried useing a previous version of firefox and now an upcomeing beta version but no luck, very confusing

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