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  • After almost two years with the same clan, gave leaders heads up that I was going out of town and would be unable to play at times all clan events during a 3 day period, i lost my connection  to clan without explanation and after last game update.  Don’t know if I was booted for invalid reason per clan rules or game glitch was the cause. Two previous incidents happened where update removed me from clan, but request to become a member again was reinstated. Always played all clan battles with at least minimum, many times more than minimum. No response from game support tickets and can’t find out anything from clan leaders if i was booted or not and if I was, why when i clearly met the rules, was a strong player in top 1/3 scorer in clan. clan  clan leaders. Clan messages stated to give hu if you couldn’t play temporarily for personal reasons was ok. I did but didn’t explain was for monthly medical reasons, only sometimes travel times conflict with challenges. Shouldn’t have to give medical updates to clan or leaders and should enforce same rules all. So how can you find out who, what, where and why? Asked repeadily game support, but no support?!!! Mysteriously at same time as update, and phone update.

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  • Rovio can’t help you if your clan kicked you, that’s entirely their prerogative.

    Does your old clan have any Facebook presence at all? Try searching the ab2 gamers group for them or any of your leaders.

    Failing contact, and assuming that just putting in a request didn’t work, you’re probably out of luck as far as that clan goes. But the good news is that there are plenty of good clans out there who would be happy to have you.


    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    If you are looking for a new clan, maybe give us a try. We are “SOY UN PERDEDOR” #41311.

    We have no restrictions on flock power and only ask that you participate in CLAN VS CLAN battles.

    Give us a try. We are a fun clan.

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