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  • Once again our clan has been cheated in the clan battle. Members of the other clan took off their hats before signing up for the Clan fight to lower their CP. During the battle, they put their hats back on. In this current fight we are matched again on such a fraudulent clan. They have increased their CP by 410 points through this manipulation. We have no chance against them.

    Rovio report button: “If you encounter any suspicious or inappropriate behavior by another player, please let us know.” Well, we reported the cheaters immediately, even with screenshots. No reply. Has this button any function?

    When will Rovio finally solve this problem? It can’t be so hard to determine the definitive CP of a clan before a clan battle comes up!

    We are a clan of honest players. Should we do in that way as the cheaters do in future?

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  • Yue

    Rovio said it many times, hats off doesnt affect the matching. Dont complain, just fight.


    @ yue-zhang, if hats off is supposed to have no effect, why does the opponent have a higher CP few hours after the battle starts, which is several hundred points above the displayed start value? It only can have to do with hats. The increase of the CP is not in a normal range.

    RIP Piggies

    Kochschwein – even though it has no effect, some clans will still try it (just in case Rovio is wrong). An increase of 410 CP is nothing. Do the maths for each of their players: how many with +-5% of same flock power did each of your players beat vs lose to, how may did your team beat who were >5% higher, how many did you guys lose to who were >5% lower. I bet those stats will show you were simply outplayed by better players.


    Rovio said +10%~ -10% clan FP when matching, if you dont trust Rovio’s explanantion, keep complaining.


    I don’t want to complain, but I just want to understand it. + – 10%? Our CP is 22283. So we would get an opponent with CP 24511. A joke, right?


    not a joke, it’s a challenge and a resource management lesson.

    Heather Bird

    Hats off… me it is a strategy play rather then cheating. Just like flipping your birds card or upping that hatchling.

    ‘Personally I have done it and I don’t think it works at all. I got the idea from other clans we have played. We did have a clan who did this once with 1500 higher FP then us BEFORE they put their hats back on and we ended up on the floor laughing because WE KICKED BIRD BUTT!!!!


    It it is a battle, not everyone gets a blue ribbon club.


    Star Power does count for something because it shows your birds are honing their skills.


    I asked Rovio support about this … they said the hat tactic doesn’t work and never has. So either they know what hats are available, or they don’t count hats at all? Someone explained to me that the idea is you get matched with a player if similar FP but less experience. Personally I quit taking them off and I didn’t see any difference. What does make a difference seems to be the use of spells. If I use lots of spells, my opponent starts to do it to and I’m forced to use them to have any chance. I went cold turkey, didn’t use any spells, lost a few rounds in the arena and then my opponents quit using them too.


    Why don’t your clan simply do the same?  I wouldn’t call it cheating because choosing to wear a hat of your choice or no hat is clearly a feature of the game.


    I have been in a clan that does the hat thing, but not enough of the members did it that it probably made a difference.  What I did find though……. when my hats were off for the clan thing, I wanted to play the arena.  It seemed an odd thing to do without hats, but…….I think it was actually easier to win.  I got matched up with players with lesser FP

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